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The first thing any proud owner of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 should do is to get a screen protector and a phone case. No matter how beautiful or perfect your new flagship phone is, it?s not going to stay that way until you get something to protect it. What?s more, it?s going to take some top-grade engineering and design to make a case that?s functional, protective and fashionable.

Luckily, a lot of manufacturer?s have stepped up to the task and have produced these great Samsung Galaxy S5 cases and covers. Here at the Bitbag, we love our Samsung Galaxy S5s and love them even more in these awesome cases and covers:

1.???????Galaxy S5 Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

Spigen always comes out with great cases for high-end Android smartphones and the Neo Hybrid for the S5 is one of the best we?ve seen. It offers both bump and scratch protection as well as reduced slippage and grip in your hand. You can customize it to your specified color since you can swap out bumpers.

2.???????Otterbox Defender for Samsung Galaxy S5

If you want all-around protection or the guarantee that the usual drops and water submersion (no matter how long), you can get Otterbox?s consistent protective gear. The Galaxy S5 does get quite bulky with this case and the screen sensitivity does suffer thanks to the plastic screen cover.

3.???????Navor Folio Wallet

For the user who wants to keep his or her phone, cards and cash all in one place, this is the case for you. It?s made of premium PU leather and is one of the slimmest wallet fold type cases out there. It has a removable strap and magnetic closure.

4.???????AceAbove View

If you want a case that lets you see the screen of your device while the case is closed, then this is the best case. With a full-front window, it?s better than the usual window-case with only the top view available. An advantage of foldable covers is that they offer more protection than simple bar cases and covers.

5.???????Rearth Ringke Slim

If you want something that doesn?t compromise the beauty of the S5, the Ringke Slim is the best choice. It?s as if you?re holding just the Galaxy S5 in your hands but the device is still protected. For the fashion-conscious who think of the device as an additional accessory to their outfit, this is the best case for you.

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