BEST Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini cases and covers

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On the lookout for the best Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini cases and covers? We?ve put together a list of the best tech wraps for the Galaxy S4?s little brother. It?s certainly not a wonder why Samsung?s mid-range device is so popular; it has a 540 x 960 display with 256 ppi in brilliant AMOLED so you know it?s going to be a great device to use.

So whether you?re looking for a leather folio, a sleek, transparent wrap or the toughest protection for your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, we hope you find the right one for you from our list:

  • Otterbox Commuter

Although the Defender series gives better protection, the Commuter from Otterbox lis better for the smaller size of this phone. The bulk of the Defender might take too much away from the deisgn; if you don?t plan on taking the device to a pool or beach, this case is the best choice. It protects from dust and most bumps and drops.


  • Proporta Leather Case with Aluminim Lining

For something with a premium feel and great build, Proporta gives you something that is both classy and sturdy. It keeps the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini in a stylish, black leather case with a great aluminium cradle. If you plan on using your device as your main business device, then this is a great cover for you.


  • Samsung Original S-View Cover

If you want something designed to work functionally with your device, Samsung has designed a cover that lets you see notifications and control some functions of your phone while it?s closed. Securing the case also locks your phone so you don?t have to press the power or lock button. It comes in a wide variety of colors to suit your personality as well.


  • Casemate Tough Naked Case

If you?re looking for a case that takes nothing away from the design of your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, this is the case for you. It?s slim and comes in a transparent variant that lets you see your S4 Mini as it was the day you bought it. The case also offers good protection for your phone; minor bumps and drops are taken care of quite nicely.


We hope that we?ve covered the best Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini cases and covers for your needs!

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