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Here at the Bitbag, we’re well aware of how much a good case for your Samsung Galaxy S4 is almost as important as the phone itself. For some people, their Galaxy S4 is a fashion statement; for others, it’s a lifehacking, multitasking tool that’s essential to their everyday life. This is the reason why it’s so hard to find the right case for this phone: since people technically use the phone for different purposes, the preferred and right case is different for each type of user.

But don’t worry, here at the Bitbag we’ve compiled the best Samsung Galaxy S4 cases for every need; from fashionista to freebase jumper to full-time mom, there’s a case that’s right for you:

1. Bodyglove Toughsuit

Why not the Otterbox? For the commuter, drop and bump protection is enough and it should still be able to fit in your pocket. The Bodyglove flows with the Samsung Galaxy S4’s design, but at the same time keeps the phone dimensions thin enough to fit in your pocket. But don’t fret, it exceeds military standards for drop tests on the phone and comes with four layers of protection.

2. Samsung Galaxy S-View Flip cover

Of course the in-house design is still one of the best and you could consider this the ‘default’ case for anyone with a Samsung Galaxy S4. Part beautiful and part functional, it offers the top window so you can see notifications, calendar, time, music and other small information without opening the case. Just like the Apple Smart Cover, it also automatically locks and opens the screen. What’s more, it replaces the standard back cover of the S4, making it thin and lighter.

3. Diztronic High Glass Clear TPU case

For the user who doesn’t want to spend 20% of the phone’s cost on a case but wants basic protection, this is the right case. It showcases the body of the phone and at the same time protects it with a shock-absorbing jelly casing. It”s also cheap that you won’t feel bad about buying one again when the plastic gets gunky and yellow.

4. Incipio Wallet Folio case

If you keep on rummaging through your bag for cards and money, this case can help you out. Simply feel for the faux (vegan-friendly) leather, fish out your S4 and pull out the card you need. It naps on with a good hard chassis, but is lined with suede. It closes with a wide elastic strap so your phone and cards never fall out of the case.

5. Mophie Juice Pack

For the power user who needs their Samsung Galaxy S4 active all the time, this is the case for you. It extends the battery life of the S4 for up to 80% extra power, which means around 7 more hours of active use. It’s a little pricey, though, and definitely adds a lot of bulk to your phone.

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