Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cases

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The first thing you should do after you get your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is get a good case. It simply doesn’t make sense that you shell out almost $800 for a phablet that you aren’t going to protect. Since the Note 3 is still made mostly of plastic and isn’t sporting a unibody,?it?s even more fragile than other phones and phablets.

But what you should keep in mind when buying the best case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is that it has an S-Pen and that the case should give allowance for protecting and easy access to the pen. What?s more, you should also be aware of what kind of case you want. Do you want a classy case, a tough case or a cute case? Whatever you prefer, our authors at the Bitbag have come up with this list where you?ll surely find a case perfect for your needs.

Here are the Best Galaxy Note 3 cases by the Bitbag:

  • Spigen Neo Hybrid case

Here?s what we?re talking about when we say there?s classy with S-Pen access. The Spigen Neo Hybrid Case that combines basic TPU and an outside color that either pops or gives the Note 3 even more distinct luxury with a fashionable color contrast. The S-Pen is easy to get; it?s as if you didn?t put a case on.

  • Trident Aegis Case

Believe it or not, it?s slightly thinner than the Otterbox Defender series so you get the same protection with less bulk. It offers military-grade drop and vibration protection and comes in loud colors. This is also one of the only cases we?ve seen that has a lanyard loop, and that?s saying something in the age of the smartphone.

  • Luvvitt Clearview Hybrid Slim Case

Not expensive at all but we could say that this is the most stylish case since it gives unobstructed view of the Galaxy Note 3?s design. This is especially great for the lucky users who got the phablet in its exclusive Champagne Gold color. Just keep in mind that it can?t take intense bumps and drops.

  • Samsung S-View Cover

Samsung probably started the trend of replacing back covers with the backs of flip cases and you can seem how well it works. The main point of the case is that you can see notifications, calendar, and music and even interact with some apps while the case is closed.

  • Seidio Ledger View with Metal Kickstand

The two things that the Ledger View doesn’t have over the Samsung S-View is the back-cover replacement feature and the app interaction even with a closed case. This means it?s bigger than the Samsung S-View and less functional. But it does have kickstand to let you watch or view the phone hands-free



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