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Best Rings for Socketing Legendary Gems on Diablo 3 RoS ?

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With Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1 getting closer and closer to Live, I think it?s best that players do all they can to be prepared for the implementation. Even if there isn?t any official announcement when the patch goes live, it?s vital that players farm the materials and items theyre going to need for the whole new Sanctuary.

One of these items has to be Legendary Rings. Why? Welll, the Legendary Gems that are coming out (but are still bugged on the PTR) can only be equipped on rings and amulets. This means you can only get to wear a maximum of three gems. Also, you can?t wear two Legendary Items at the same time so you?re going to have to wear two different rings and three different gems.

So what rings or materials are you going to have to farm to get the best Ring + Gem combo on Diablo 3 RoS? Take a look:

  • Forgotten Souls

You?re going to need a lot of Forgotten Souls if you want to make sure all the rings and amulets you own have sockets. Unless you want to farm Ramaladni?s Gift once the Patch goes live, I prefer being stocked with gold and Forgotten Souls for a long bout of enchanting with Myriam.

  • Flawless Imperial Gems

Depending on the items you?re going to enchant, you might have to give up 3 Flawless Imperial gems at a time. It?s different for each Legendary Ring and Amulet so you have to stock up on gems as well. Be prepared to spend a lot to get that socket onto those rings.

  • Ring of Royal Grandeur

Easily the best ring to have off the bat, the RoRG reduces your required number of items to enjoy a set bonus. What?s great about this ring is that it can also hold the DPS trifecta.

  • Stone of Jordan

If you?re lucky with this ring, you not only get the DPS trifecta but also the maximum 30% additional damage against elites stat.

  • Infernal Machine Keys

The uber boss fights that happen when you use these keys in New Tristram are the best ways to farm materials for the Hellfire Ring. This ring gives you 45% bonus experience and lets you feel like a boss by ?ngulfing the ground in lava.

What other rings do you think are worthy of socketing a Legendary Gem? Keep in mind that it?s best to enchant a ring that has the DPS trifecta with a socket. You can also try getting Ramaldni?s Gift when the Patch comes out so you can just add the socket and enchant to get the AS, CHC and CHD affixes

Do you know any other rings you think are better than the Hellfire, Jordan and RoRG? Drop me a comment and let’s discuss!

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