Best PS4 Horror Games For 2015: Zombies, Monsters, Silent Hills And More!

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Halloween is a mere 2 months away and we have compiled the best PS4 horror games you can play so far this 2015 to help you wisely spend your hard-earned cash on decent horror stories that the late Wes Craven will also be proud of. The graphical prowess of current gen consoles has vastly improved and you can be sure to squirm in delight when the haunting monsters come rushing or eerily walk slowly towards you.

Here are the best PS4 horror video games so far this 2015:

Until Dawn

Expect to see this character a lot while only wearing a towel.

Expect to see this character a lot while only wearing a towel.

“Only your choices determine who will survive.”

Until Dawn is story-driven game filled with point and click gameplay and QTEs largely like Quantic Dream?s Heavy Rain or Telltale Games? The Walking Dead.

Until Dawn is delightfully a campy and scary game filled with horror tropes. The story revolves on a group of teenagers celebrating the one year anniversary of their friends? disappearance in the snowy cabin in the woods. Like slasher movies, the victimized teenagers stray away from the group when they should be sticking together and there are scenes where your character only wears a bathrobe while running away from a monster.

Famous personalities such as Hayden Panattiere (Heroes) and Peter Stormare (Fargo) has lent their vocal talents for the game and they did an exceptional performance towards making the game truly feel like an interactive movie. The graphics also looks exceptional and the game employs cramped and scary angles like in the olden Resident Evil Games. The music exceptionally sets the creepy tension of the game and you can be sure to scream or jump from your set when jump-scares come your way. You can know more about Until Dawn here.


Your only weapon is a video camera and you can't use it to whack your enemies.

Your only weapon is a video camera and you can’t use it to whack your enemies.

Outlast is a first-person game where you play as a journalist who receives an anonymous message about people being inhumanely experimented in an asylum in the mountains. Armed with only a video camera which enables for night vision capabilities, you must uncover what happened in the area whilst running away from the dreadful monsters. Outlast?is?also available on PC.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within is a bloody game.

The Evil Within is a bloody game.

The Evil Within is a third-person action survival horror game which plays a lot like Resident Evil (RE) games as it was made by the RE creator, Shinji Mikami. Terrifying and deranged monsters lurk the game you can satiate your desire for gore as there are numerous ways for you to die in a gruesome fashion. The Evil Within is also available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

P.T. (Silent Hills)

P.T. is a haunting First Person horror game where you navigate around a house and unearth the horrors that surround the place.

Pacific Rim Director Guillermo del Toro and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has birthed arguably the best horror demo ever created. Despite only being a playable teaser for their cancelled Silent Hills game, the experience is fulfilling. The game is no longer available for download, however, if you still haven?t seen or played the game, we recommend that you play it over with someone who hasn?t deleted the game yet. If you can?t, just watch other people?s playthrough of the game on YouTube.

Alien: Isolation

Expect to see your character's death animations a lot in Alien Isolation.

Expect to see your character’s death animations a lot in Alien Isolation.

Alien: Isolation is a FPS action-adventure game where you must stealthily hide away from the alien creatures. Unlike most horror games today where you can easily blast and run away from your foes, Alien: Isolation requires gamers to sneak past the powerful and undefeatable alien creature as it can kill Ripley in a single hit. The game is also?available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and?PC.

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