Best PS4 Games Announced At Paris Games Week: Gran Turismo Sport, Detroit, And More Exclusive Games For Sony

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Sony tried to prove at Paris Games Week 2015 that the future is bright for PlayStation 4 owners. Not only did they provide more gameplay videos for previously announced titles, they also announced new PS4 exclusive games. Here are some of the best PS4?games announced at PGW 2015.

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport looks like Gran Turismo 7 but with a different subtitle. Is the available content only like?GT prologue? Does it have enough features to be considered a GT 7 title? We?ll know everything about the title once the beta releases this early 2016. The only thing we?re sure is that the graphics looks as great as Drive Club, if not, better.

GT Sport will be pushing for the ?rebirth? of motorsports as it showcases two FIA online championships namely, the Nations Cup and the Manufacturers Cup. According to Polyphony Digital President Kazunori Yamauchi, players have a chance be awarded like real motorsport champions like the recently awarded Lewis Hamilton as GT Sport champions will be awarded at the FIA ceremony.

Detroit: Become Human

Do you remember the ?Kara? video demo shown by Quantic Dream? The developers have gone out to make a full-fledged game out of this titled ?Detroit?. In this game, you play as an android manufactured woman who leaves her factory, ventures into Detroit, and discovers how people would perceive androids like her?once mankind?finds out that androids?can have emotions of their own. This game is being developed by the makers of Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls.


Indie game developer Housemarque, the makers of Super Stardust,?Resogun and Dead Nation, is making a futuristic arcade game. Matterfall has a fast paced action. We still don?t know if the game will exactly look like how it was shown in the trailer, nevertheless, expect Matterfall to be a great fast paced game.


Boundless is an open-ended game where you can team up with others to defeat enemies and create whatever you want, Wonderstruck announced on the PS Blog.? Boundless looks to be inspired by Minecraft but with stunning visually stunning locales with?vibrant colors and?well-polished graphics. Boundless will be a available as a PS4 and PC cross-platform game.

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