Best Pranking Apps for The Best Pranksters Around

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Prank Apps (Image Credit to Mobile Indian YouTube)
Prank Apps (Image Credit to Mobile Indian YouTube)

If you?re a fun-loving person who has ?access to a slew of tech gadgets like an iPhone, then you might want to try out some of the pranking apps that are available. Pranking is fun to do with your friends, family and even unlucky (that is an overstatement) strangers who passes by. Pranking has changed over the years, and it is very convenient to have the ability to pull it off easily with a device that is literally in the palm of your hands, anytime.

Dude, your car!

This prank app is one of the most amazing pranking apps available. It?s great for tricking your parents, relatives, or any friend about their car getting some serious damage by sending them a photo of it with the believable wreck. How it works is very simple. You just take a photo of any car, apply the ?damage effect? by adjusting the size, opacity, orientation, etc., and then send it to your victim.

The app is only available in iTunes for $2.99


A great prank app with limitless possibilities. What makes this prank app unique is that it takes advantage of your iPhone?s core capabilities like the use of its motion sensors, and not just buttons and switches. The pranks are basically split in three parts namely, the background, action and switches. You can either set a prank of a screeching or scary sound accompanied by a creepy picture by triggering a switch via shaking or moving the device. Pretty neat app. It comes with 35 pre-made pranks, 150 images and 77 sounds to mix and match. The app costs $1.99 in iTunes.


This isn?t much of a prank app, but by messing with your friends? minds, it can potentially be a good joke, and an awesome one at that. It actually lets you pull off magic tricks that make you look like you can read your friends? minds, or rather, the iPhone can. Actually, you only have to follow certain rules in performing the ?magic? and it takes a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to perform a variety of tricks that will truly leave your buddies amazed. This awesome app is available at iTunes for $2.99.

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