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Best PC Games of 2014

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A list of this year’s best PC games that you should play, if you haven’t already.
In no particular order.

South Park: The Stick Of Truth
In this game, it will feel like you are actually playing and watching an episode of the ever popular South Park. You will take up the role of Sir Douchebag, and interact with iconic characters as you live your way through historical.. Err.. ?Hysterical? events. Classic turn-based combat combined with South Park humor. Sounds like a win, yeah?


The Walking Dead: Season 2
The debut of The Walking Dead: Season 2 shows huge promise for Clementine, the kid who somehow survived the zombie apocalypse, whose independence and strength should take her to interesting places. The game has five episodes which will roll out every other month or so throughout this year. Hopefully, it will address unanswered questions like, ?Where?s Christa now?? ?Is Kenny still out there, alive??
One thing is for sure though, Telltale?s The Walking Dead: Season 2 will surely present more devastating dilemmas and challenging choices.


Child Of Light
Child Of Light?s hand-drawn watercolor style is as mesmerizing as its storyline. The main character, young Aurora wakes in a strange land called Lemuria. Aurora has to help her dying father and she will also be responsible in ?saving the world, which has had its stars, sun and moon stolen. The game has a classic turn-based combat, and a strong poetic narrative.


Broken Age
The game was a success from the start. Now, it follows the story of Shae and Vella, two high spirited young teens who each want to change every tradition in their lives. Shay lives on a spaceship, isolated. She is just looking for some adventure, while Vella wants to slay a monster who eats sacrificial women. The beautiful graphics and the clever writing style already showcased in Broken Age: Act 1 makes the wait more painful for Act 2.


Eidos Montreal?s reboot of Thief comprises the core philosophies of the classic stealth game series while attaching some controversial elements of modern game design. On both console and PC, the players are allowed to modify the difficulty settings to tailor their own experience. Instant fail detections, stealth-only takedowns, deactivated mini-maps, slow mo, vision mode and an on/off guide arrow option should give enough means to play Thief as they used to.


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