Best PC Games 2015: A Zombie-huntin’ We Will Go

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Any gamer will most probably be the most excited about a new year, given that it also means new, exciting games coming out.

There is an abundance of that in 2015. After 2014 started the fireworks with a holiday season that made gamers feel like kids all over again, 2015 is following up with title after title that is a mix of a different genre of games. This time, however, we take a look at a formula that?s always worked in movies and TV series, and seems to be prevalent even in the games. That?s zombie games, and as it appears, zombies are still the rage in 2015 as much as they were in 2014.

So we take a look again at PC Gamer?s collective compendium of 2015?s offering in PC games. Perhaps the best combination of words concerning zombie games are the words open-world and zombie games, and this presents a rather exciting prospect. Here we have two titles: one is a follow-up to an already familiar game, although with a slightly different developer handling the duties. The other is a completely new series that promises to change the norm about zombie games.

Be Careful when the Lights go out

It seems that Techland went through and got them a new leash with this one.

As per PC Gamer, Dying Light is a result of Techland?s commitment to do more, what with them looking at Dead Island as a sort of experiment. Dying Light combines survival with zombie hordes, and the result comes out as something like the zombie genre?s staple of today?it is unwise to grapple with zombie hordes, and your weapons will be rendered useless, eventually. What?s more, there?s day and night here, and you might find yourself trying to cope with that while trying to avoid having your brain eaten.

Nothing?s more immersive than zombie PC games that constantly tries to make you into zombie chow. However, it?s exciting at the same time?it makes you think of creative ways to preserve yourself in spite of the horde constantly tailing you.

Part of the Crowd?

Nothing keeps you on your toes like a horde of zombies chasing you, but what about this one?

Dead Island 2 is a zombie game whose development has gone from Techland to another?Yager, the studio responsible for Spec Ops: The Line. While Techland may have had regrets about how the first Dead Island turned out technically wise, they seem to have been intent to avoid that, preferring to hand the reins over to Yager. Will it turn out to be a better, badder version than Dead Island I? Only time will tell, or players will know as they play the game.

Sometimes, changing hands in terms of developers does wonders for a game. Let?s hope that this is the case with Dead Island 2, whose theme and plot is as creative as they come.

2015?s games?Let them come

With gamers demanding more and more from developers and game studios, it?s no surprise that the haul of 2015 is as plenty as they come. However, will these PC games ever be enough to sate the appetite of these gamers? It might appear to be; then again, we?ll take a look at more games come and we move deeper into 2015.


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