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Best ‘Overwatch’ Heroes For Beginners to Try Out During the Free Weekend

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Best Overwatch Characters for Beginners
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The ever popular Overwatch is now available for free for the weekend. This may be the best opportunity for newcomers to try out the game once and for all as it comes at no extra cost. However, dabbling into the world of Overwatch may be an overwhelming venture, especially if you’re not all that familiar with its characters and their specific abilities. Who, then, are the best Overwatch characters for beginners?

Best Overwatch Characters for Beginners to Try Out During the Free Weekend

So you’ve got Overwatch in your hands but don’t know which character to choose. One option that many players seemingly agree on is Reinhardt for the Tank category. As a more traditional-style Tank, Reinhardt may be much easier to navigate and is fairly straightforward in his role. This is against fellow Tank D.Va, whose moves require more mobility and timing to utilize with maximum efficiency.

Another good Tank option is Roadhog. Though his size makes him an easy target, his self-healing ability makes up for it. Additionally, his shotgun is pretty straightforward, and his chain attack is fairly easy to familiarize yourself with.

One of the best Overwatch characters for beginners who go for Offense is Soldier 76. Besides the fact that he’s the featured character in Overwatch’s tutorial, Soldier 76’s standard way of shooting eases players into the most basic approach to shooter gameplay.

Pharah is also a notably Offense character worth looking into. Her Jump Jet ability gives you an upper hand (literally) by launching you into the air and giving you a bird’s-eye view of the map. With this, you’ll also be able to reach areas that other players simply can’t. Pharah’s Rocket Launcher is also ideal for dealing not just direct damage, but surrounding damage as well.

If you’re more into the Support role, then you’re best off with either Mercy or Lucio. Arguably, Lucio is much more beginner-friendly as all you need to do is simply stay near your team in order to heal them. Mercy, on the other hand, may be easy to understand, but putting her in practice may be a bit more challenging next to Lucio. However, the perk to choosing Mercy is that her style definitely pushes players to pursue a less traditional approach to the Support role.

For Defense, Bastion is one option to consider. Though he’s geared for defense — especially with his ability to turn into a robo-turret — Bastion can also be utilized for offensive gameplay once you’ve managed to figure out how to better maneuver the character. Alternatively, you can opt for Torbjorn, as his auto-aiming turrets deal additional damage.

Which Overwatch character will you be trying out this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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