Best Offline RPG Games For Android: Zenonia 4, Dungeon Explorer II, and More!

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Play some of these offline RPG games even when your Android device is in airplane mode

All the talk of games being revived in last week’s E3 got us thinking of last year’s list of RPG. So before all the new games take centre stage, now is the time to enjoy these titles:

When we were kids, we had always dreamed of being a superhero, a wizard, a dragon-riding knight, or whatever powerful being crafted by our imagination. Role-playing games (RPG) have somehow made those dreams a little tangible. Smartphones and tablets have become the beacons where we can channel our fantasies and need for adventure onto a more portable device.

Most mobile RPGs today require an Internet connection for you to play them. It?s because RPG games feature virtual worlds where players can interact with each other and data connection is needed to link players. However, Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is not always available. That?s why we?ve tried to gather some of the best offline RPG games we found on Google Play, along with some recommendations from users in this XDA forum thread. Try some games in the list so you don?t have to stop playing even when there?s a cell tower apocalypse going on.

Zenonia 4

Download here

If spending hours exploring strange lands and killing off monsters is your cup of tea then you better try Zenonia 4. It is a 2D RPG for Android that has good graphics and animations optimized for the small screens of tablets and smartphones. Zenonia 4 has an addictive and fast-paced gameplay with simple controls and plenty of diverse quests.

Dungeon Explorer II

Download here

This offline RPG game features an immersive and challenging 3D gameplay. Dungeon Explorer II lets you face lots of demons, undead, and other abominations. However, those are not the only challenges you have to deal with. The game has a relentless maze that hides countless brutal traps that you need to escape from.

Knights of Pen & Paper +1

Download here

Knights of Pen and Paper +1 is a pixelated offline RPG that bears a lot of resemblance to the classic Dungeons and Dragons game. It lets you choose from various classes like mages, knights, and blacksmiths among others. You may then engage them in lots of quests that involves gathering, mining, and finding hidden treasures. The game gives you plenty of room to personalize your gameplay experience.


Download here

Kingturn is a turn-based offline RPG with an addictive gameplay and depth that is rarely found on other mobiles games. It combines tactical combat with outpost conquering and a complex unit skill system. Kingturn puts you in a medieval fantasy world full of quirky characters. You can choose from 30 different classes such as Archer, Assassin, Knight, Warrior, Mage, and more.


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