Best New Mobile Game: Epic Skater Brings The Fun Of Skateboarding To Android and iOS

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Epic Skater comes to Android and iOS – a game fresh from labs of former Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 creators

Epic Skater comes to Android and iOS – a game fresh from the labs of former Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 creators

Developed by Kongregate, new Android and iOS game Epic Skater, is an endless runner (or in this case, skating) game which incorporates elements of skateboarding.

Epic Skater is a free game which allows you to perform various tricks so you can reach a high score. The controls are pretty simple to master which make it even more enjoyable. The adrenaline-inducing runner also offers the usual features found on games in its category including power ups, upgrades, items and more ? ?some of them can be onbtained thru in-app purchases.

What separates Epic Skater from the rest is its obviously superior graphics and smooth interface made possible by the same devs who helped create the critically acclaimed Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (THPS2) game.THPS2 is the second title in the Tony Hawk?s Pro Skater franchise and was originally released for the first-gen PlayStation. Since then, it has been ported to different platforms including the Gameboy Advance, Mac OS, Windows PC, Xbox, and even iOS.

Though Epic Skater is more on the animated side of things as compared to THPS2?s more life-like graphics, the mobile skating games poses a similarly challenging gameplay. Furthermore, the biggest difference between the two is that Epic Skater is a sidescrolling game which makes it (arguably) better to play in a touchscreen device.

Here is the full list of features that Epic Skater will offer to skateboarding fanatics, as it appears on its Google Play listing:

More than 25 unique tricks that combine into millions of gnarly combos.

  • Trick over monster gaps for big points.
  • Battle your friends for leaderboard dominance.
  • Upgrade your stats to jump higher, grind faster, manual longer, and more!
  • Level up your skater to multiply your score into the stratosphere.
  • Skate the furthest, combo the biggest, or maximize it all to truly be an Epic Skater.

It?s a good thing that Epic Skater has been released simultaneously on two of the most popular mobile platforms so many mobile gamers can enjoy it at the same time. To get right into the action, download the Android game here and the iOS version here. Enjoy!

If you want to have an idea first of what?s in store, here is an Epic Skater trailer:


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