Best Music Streaming Apps For Android & iOS That Taylor Swift Snubbed

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Taylor Swift returns to streaming via Jay Z’s Tidal app. Here’s a list of the best streaming apps she didn’t want to put her music into.

After the much publicized withdrawal of Taylor Swift?s entire music catalog from Spotify last year, it seems that the country singer turned pop superstar will never, ever, ever, getting back to music streaming services. However, it appears that Swifty can?t shake it off altogether–the singer has just put all her music into a streaming app called Tidal. It?s an app that Jay Z (yep, Beyonce?s beau) recently acquired from Aspiro, a Norwegian tech company.

So, what happened? What made Tay-tay change her mind? Well, the best-selling artist apparently want to be a part-time music activist, too. Shortly after the news of her Spotify exit broke out, she explained that she does not feel that these streaming services (especially those that offer free, ad-supported tier) sufficiently compensates artists, producers, writers, and all other people responsible for making quality music. She further told Yahoo that she ?just don’t agree with perpetuating the perception that music has no value and should be free.”

But how is Tidal different from Spotify, you ask? The obvious difference lies in its subscription. Jay Z?s pet streaming app asks users to shell out $20 per month, double the amount of Spotify?s monthly subscription fee. If we?re allowed to assume, we think this amount is enough for Tidal to pay artists better than its competitors.

Do you think Taylor is right when she decided to pull out her music from free streaming apps (and force fans into buying or paying a premium for listening to her music)? All of us may answer that question differently. But for those who can live without T-Swizzle?s music, here are the best mobile streaming apps they can try. Each of them have a free and paid subscription schemes for users who want to enjoy more features.


Download here: Android / iOS

Now, let?s get rid of the obvious first. Even though Taylor pulled out her albums from Spotify, the app is still one of the most popular and widely used out there. It reportedly has over 60 million active users, 15 million of them are paying subscribers. The app lets ?freemium? users to pick an album or artist they wish to listen to, but the ability to choose specific songs and play them offline are reserved for paying users.


Download here: Android / iOS

Pandora is one of the first apps in this genre and it continues to enjoy the patronage of millions of users. For this app, music discovery is the name of the game. As such, it allows you to pick a starting point and tell the app what you want so it can suggest music that it thinks you?ll like. It doesn?t pack an extensive music collection like other apps in this field but the algorithm it uses to suggest new songs it pretty smart.


Download here: Android / iOS

Deezer is similar to Spotify in many ways. It offers a vast collection of music (over 30 million songs) and it has a similar pricing scheme, too. Once installed, you can enjoy an ad-supported, unlimited playback for one year. After that you?ll need to subscribe otherwise it will?limit the duration of free music for two hours per month. Deezer has lots of ready-made playlists, radio stations, and built-in social media sharing options. However, it?s not yet available in the US, which will likely be its biggest launch when it finally happens.


Download here: Android / iOS

This streaming app lets you listen to endless stations featuring music from various artists from different. Rdio claims that it has over 32 million tracks for users to listen to and it?s compatible to Android or iOS devices. It has a paid version but if you want to try it for free there?s a 14-day trial version which will limit you to six skips per hour.


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