Best Music Apps To Bring The Beat Into Your Android and iOS Devices

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Having a hard time deciding which music app to download? Here?s a short list of some of the best Android and iOS music apps

Having a hard time deciding which music app to download? Here?s a short list of some of the best Android and iOS music apps ?

The days when our phones were used just to make calls and send SMS messages seem like eons ago. Today, those devices have evolved to smartphones and tablets that can perform complicated tasks such as connect with faraway friends in real-time, track our fitness, and even remotely control our home?s AC and lighting, among many others. Our phone also doubles as entertainment hubs; in this area, a music player or music app is almost always present in most users? collection of apps.

If we count them all, there are probably a gazillion music apps available in the App Store and Google Play. Of course, that?s not an exact number. It?s probably closer to a nonillion. Anyway, to help you with your quest of finding the best music apps out there, we provided a list of some apps that we think should be on your top five.


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This music app is arguably the biggest name in the world of mobile music streaming. It has a free-to-download version, but for a $ 9.99 per month subscription, users will have access to millions of songs in Spotify?s extensive collection of albums and single tracks. A new premium feature now allows you to save songs so they can be played offline. The app also lets you follow your favorite playlist and play tracks according to your current moods


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SoundCloud proclaims itself as the world?s largest social sound platform. It boasts that every minute, 10 to 12 hours worth of new music are added by users to its database. As this music app is community-based, content from major record labels are rare; indie and amateur music makers contribute the most in SoundClouds collection. It has also becoming a popular platform for posting podcasts.


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Songza is another streaming music app that caters to your mood. Whether you’re prepping up for your daily jog, studying for an exam, or just trying to get a good sleep, Songza has a playlist tailor-made for your every task. It also offers to save your playlists and share them via your Twitter, Facebook, or email account.


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Shazam is not exactly a music app, but it’s extremely useful for music lovers. Ever felt that OC feeling of wanting to know the title of the song you just heard from the coffee shop radio? Want to know from which season and episode that TV show your friends are watching on Netflix? Shazam can do those! Just fire up the app and hold the mic of your device close to the audio source and it can identify the song, movie, or TV show in seconds.


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Pandora is one of the earliest online radios out there, but it?s still one of the best ways to enjoy music on the go. Aside from its signature radio stations, this music app has a handy feature which lets you set how long you want the music to play while you sleep along with an alarm function — in other words, you can be assured that you always fall asleep and wake up listening to good music.


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