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Best Moto G Case or Cover

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Here at the Bitbag, we understand that it?s important for you to find the best Moto G case for your device as soon as you get your phone. This makes sure that you protect your device and at the same time personalize it to your needs and preferences.

Before you do choose the Moto G case or cover, you have to decide what type of cover you want for your device. You may simply want a thin shell that doesn?t take a lot from the original form of the device. You might also want a flip cover in premium leather with or without slots for your cards and cash. Some users might also prefer tough cases since they plan to take their device on their outdoor and nature trips.

Whichever Moto G case is best for you, we hope that you find our recommendations helpful to you:

  • For the fashionable, Agent 18 Flexshield case

If you plan to put aesthetics before function, you?ll love this case. With two beautiful designs in gradient color and lace, this case is made of one piece of TPU that can protect your device from minor drops and bumps.


  • For the active, outdoors-type, Otterbox Defender

Dumping your Moto G in water or seeing it tumble down rough terrain isn?t going to be a horror story anymore with this case. It?s going to protect your device in ways you didn?t imagine butit?s going to make the Moto G very bulky. For something less bulky and for urban travels, get the Otterbox Commuter.


  • For the Moto G design lover, Casemate Barely There Case

If you can?t bear to have any part of the Moto G hidden but still want a bit of protection, this is the case for you. It slaps on the device like a second skin and lets the great, compact design of the device shine through.


  • For the Motorola brand lover, the Motorola Flip Shell

A no-nonsense approach is good as well and you can surely buy this case the same time as your device. What?s more, you know it?s designed specifically for the Moto G with all the functions in mind. It comes in a wide variety of colors and protects your device quite handily.


  • For the all-in-one kind of user, Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Intelligent Wallet

If you?re the kind of person who wants their cash, cards and other wallet essentials all in one place with their smartphone, this is the case for you. It also comes with a great Android design You can also choose from several colors.


We hope that you can find the Best Moto G case or cover for you. Check out your local electronics accessory shops or get these cases online!

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