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Best Mods for ‘Portal’ Game

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Portal and Half-Life 2 on NVIDIA
Portal and Half-Life 2 on NVIDIA

The classic, yet phenomenal game, Portal has been recently released for NVidia SHIELD android device. Half-Life 2 is also released on the Nvidia SHIELD along with Portal. For new comers, Portal is a game about solving certain puzzles in a room using the ?Portal Gun?. It can create two portals which you can enter and exit. Your goal is pretty much ?escaping? the levels and progressing. ?Both Portal and Half-Life 2 are available in Google?s PlayStore for $9.99.

While all this sounds exciting, unfortunately, Portal is relatively short. Half-Life 2 really wouldn?t cut it because the two plays out completely differently, providing an entirely varied experience. If you are one of the fellow newcomers to the game who found Portal?s offerings a bit lacking (in terms of game length), you might want to consider getting a copy on your computer too as they come in cheap on Steam and

So what?s the difference between the PC version and the mobile version. Short answer; None. However, that comparison is if they are to be compared side-by-side out-of-the-box, but if you consider the number of available mods that you can get for the PC version, you?re in for a treat. By the way, most of these mods are ?FREE?, so you?re really going to get your extra buck?s worth here.

Note: The following parts of this article may contain spoilers, so be sure to finish up the game at least before trying these out.

Here are some of the best mods for Portal for PC;


This one revolves around the point of the story where Glad-OS doesn?t exist yet. Real people and scientists were the ones performing the experiments. It actually is much longer than the original Portal game. It has 8 chapters and 19 test chambers.

Portal Pro

This is a collection of Portal level mods that requires more logic than skills. It takes longer to figure out what to do, rather than doing a trial and error on certain challenges.

Thinking With Time Machines

This might be the best Portal mod yet. It has various additions to the original gameplay of Portal, has its own story, and most of all, it includes the use of time machine, which makes things much more interesting.

Most of these mods are available for download at, while some are available at steam. All of them are FREE.

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