Best Mobile Games Of June 2014

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Oscura Second Shadow
This game was among the early spooky and dark side-scrolling platforms on mobile in 2011, that makes silhouette figures on a colored background. The sequel continues as you once again travel across a shadowy land, restoring light and gathering the scattered crystals from the shuttered lighthouse to return the world?s former glory.

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake
This game tells the story of Niko, who wakes up and will later find out that? monsters have devoured the cake that he is saving for breakfast. The game has a series of puzzles where you will have to figure out how you will reach the cake and other goodies with the help of some friendly monsters — while you avoid getting caught by those meanies who wants to eat your cake.

Broken Age
At last, Broken Age has arrived for PC earlier this year, and finally on iPad too ? the wait was worth it. The production values are so good, the acting and animation is through the roof, split between the two main characters ? Vella, who is trying to escape her fate as village sacrifice, and Shane, who is trying to escape his life?s boring routine on a space ship.

Wrong Way Racing
In racing games, the usual point is to go faster than all the other racers and be the first to complete all the courses? laps. However, in this not. You and three other NPC racers will be racing in a two-lane oval course. The goal is to make as many circuits as you can, but going in the wrong way and changing the lanes to avoid other racers. The game is quite silly, but actually fun to play ? and surprisingly a bit difficult.

In the game, the planet was devastated by a nuclear war, and the world can only be oxygenated by the use of a giant greenhouse. You will play as Andy Sprout, a gardener who just wants to do his job, whack those mutated aphids and have a good cup of coffee ? but on this day, something has come to the plant.
Plantman?s gameplay consists of puzzles in a side-scrolling platformer ? you will have to find out how to use the bugs to your advantage, try to avoid being eaten, and smash the bugs once you?re done.

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