Best ‘Mission: Impossible’ Apps: 4 Android & iOS Apps To Help You Channel Your Inner Spy

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Tired of waiting for Mission: Impossible 5? Try being Ethan Hunt for a day with these useful (and fun) “spy” apps. (Image via

Long-time Tom Cruise and ?Mission: Impossible? fans may be pleased to know that instead of a December 15 release, Paramount Pictures decided to move the franchise?s fifth installment into an earlier date–July 31, 2015.

The upcoming film, dubbed as Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, has reportedly been moved on an earlier slot to avoid competition with Spectre and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

If you can?t wait for Ethan Hunt?s return on the big screen, help yourself with the movie?s first full trailer posted by Paramount on Monday. We?ve put it below for your viewing pleasure.

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So, how was it? Is it enough to quench your adrenaline-fuelled excitement? If not, then pull out your smartphone, download these Android or iOS apps, and start your techy quest into becoming your own little spy (minus the blood, guns, and car stunts, of course).

Ear Spy

Download here: Android / iOS

This app will make you appear like you?re busy listening to you’re own music but in reality, you?re actually using your phone?s microphone to amplify the sounds around you and hear them right from you’re device?s earphones. All you need to do is put your earphones on or hide it under a hoody and fire up Ear Spy. It also has an equalizer allowing you to enhance listening conditions.

Self Destructing Message

Download here: iOS

Ethan Hunt would never let his enemies track his moves so you shouldn?t, too! That?s why you need to use this app for sending messages to you’re contacts. Self Destructing Message (SDM) lets you set ?self destruct? timers to your messages. You can configure it to automatically delete messages after 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 seconds.

Secret Agent

Download here: Android

This handy mobile app is what every ?secret agent? needs. The aptly named application features tools like a torch, a fun (read: fake) infrared-style camera filter & many other filters, a spectrum analyzer, a compass, a secret audio recording, and so much more! It can even use you’re phone?s various sensor to display the temperature, humidity, air pressure and dew point (depends on the handset model).

Sneaky Cam

Download here: Android

Any spy?s app list won?t be complete if there?s no hidden camera app in it. Sneaky Cam makes it appear like you’re working on something else when in fact you?re using your phone?s camera to capture images. Upon using it, you’re device?s screen will display a different app, such as a game or a browser. You can tap on any part of the screen to quickly snap an image without worrying about anyone catching you in the act.


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