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Manga Rock
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For those Manga-lovers that are always on the go, it?s always handy to have an app that can store your manga favorites, and notify you for updates in your mobile gadget. Three most important features that manga-lovers look at are the number of manga titles it carries, the option for offline reading, and if the app is for free. Manga Rock has all of these and more!

With 400k plus downloads, the Manga Rock app is the top?choice for many manga readers, more so since the app is available in Android and iOS. This is the go-to app for thousands of manga titles (itunes), with over 25+ different sources in multiple languages. For offline reading, Manga Rock allows unlimited chapter download but for one title only. (So choose wisely!) In iOs, you can answer a bunch of surveys to unlock more download slots!

The app is designed well for easy navigation and reading. When choosing a manga to read, you can narrow down searches by using the filter option-filter by source, genre/category, and by rank. All titles are displayed with thumbnail images and when clicked, you can view the description.

There are multiple ways of reading your manga in Manga Rock, whether scrolling, left or right, or even scrolling downwards. Plus it loads per chapter and not by page. Other settings include auto-lock zoom and brightness level.

Manga Rock guarantees that you will never run out of manga to read. Their auto-recommendation feature will let you discover new manga titles that you will surely love.

The only drawback with this app are the ads that pop-up in between chapters. But that?s a minor detail that (we wish) you can let go of for something as awesome as this.

Manga Rock

Manga Rock

Manga Rock is developed by Not a Basement Studio. To download Manga Rock, go here and start reading fan favorites such as One Piece, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball and more!

P.S. if you like the manga that you are reading, we encourage you to support the creators by purchasing their published books and merchandise.

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