Best LG G Flex Cases: 4 Slim & Durable Ways To Protect Your Curved Phone

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Protect your curved LG phone while preserving its unique design with these LG G Flex cases. (Image courtesy of LG)

The LG G Flex is one of the first curved smartphones in the market. It is the first device where the South Korean device maker incorporated their own flexible P-OLED display. Released in 2013, this model has a lot of similarities to the LG G2 such as the 2.26GHz Snapdragon 800 chipset and 13MP main camera.

Although this model has a distinct curved screen and a brushed metal body layered with a ?self-healing? coating, it has not been treated as a flagship smartphone by LG. That?s why you won?t find a lot of cases being made for this device compared to the flagship LG G2 handset. In case you?re not buying that self-healing gimmick and still want to do your part in protecting it, here are some of the best LG G Flex cases we found on the web.

Best LG G Flex cases - Incipio Feather

Best LG G Flex cases – Incipio Feather

Incipio Feather

Photo Credit: ?Incipio

Incipio?s patented Feather series case for the LG G Flex is made of rigid Plextonium frame that provides a lightweight feel and ultra-thin profile. THe case has a snap-on design for quick and easy installation. It?s also covered with a soft touch finish for enhanced comfort and grip.

Best LG G Flex cases - Tech 21 Impact Mesh Case

Best LG G Flex cases – Tech 21 Impact Mesh Case

Tech 21 Impact Mesh Case

Photo Credit: ?Tech 21

This case is made with Tech 21?s D30 material technology that helps absorb and dissipate impact. It is crafted out of premium TPU which is known for its flexibility and resilience. The Tech 21 Impact Mesh Case?s body is translucent and smooth to touch on the outside. It provides reasonable protection without hiding the handset?s design.

Best LG G Flex cases - Body Glove Satin Case

Best LG G Flex cases – Body Glove Satin Case

Body Glove Satin Case

Photo Credit: ?Body Glove

The Body Glove Satin case slips on the LG G Flex easily and offers decent protection courtesy of its flexible TPU body. It is coated with a special anti-microbial layer to minimize the growth of bacteria on its surface. The case fits incredibly well on the device, has side bumpers for a more secure grip, and provides easy access to all of the phone?s buttons and ports.

Best LG G Flex cases - LG QuickWindow Case

Best LG G Flex cases – LG QuickWindow Folio Case

LG QuickWindow Folio Case

Photo Credit: ?LG

The QuickWindow Folio Case is the official accessory that comes with the LG G Flex. As the name suggests, it comes with a ?window? that allows you to quickly view notifications and alerts without having to over the cover every time. It comes with a slim plastic cradle that protects the phone?s curved body. This Folio case has a feature that automatically switches the screen on or off whenever the cover is flipped open or close.


Photo Credit: ?LG

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