Best LG G Flex 2 Cases: 4 Slim Cases That Offer Excellent Protection

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List of good-looking but protective cases to wrap around your new LG G Flex 2 smartphone.

The LG G Flex 2 is slowly crawling its way into people?s pockets all over the world. The handset is elegantly designed and feature-packed. Equipped by the most powerful Qualcomm chipset, the Snapdragon 810, G Flex 2 is arguably the fastest phone you can buy right now. However, it isn?t the sheer power LG G Flex 2 is known for, it is the G Flex?s curvaceous design.

The LG team repeatedly demonstrated how rugged their new model is is by deliberately scratching it over and over. They did it to prove their point about the the self-healing coating on the phone?s back, which takes ten seconds to slightly fade scratches. At the end of day, the handset is still a glossy plastic phone. It won?t stay pretty forever unless you don?t protect it with a nice case. That self-healing material may shield it from minor scratches but it won?t cushion it from dents and drops.

It may be hard to find the right protection for a smartphone that is curved and different like this LG model. If you?re having a hard time looking for one, stop stressing and take a look at some of the best LG G Flex 2 cases we found. All of these items have a thin profile so it won?t add bulk to your phone.

Best LG G Flex 2 cases - Ringke Slim Case

Best LG G Flex 2 cases – Ringke Slim Case

Rearth Ringke Slim Case

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This case is made from a durable material and offers a thin and lightweight design. It perfectly fits that handset and maintains its original look. The Ringke Slim Case from Rearth is among the most reasonably priced cases out there and it?s available in 3 colors. It has perfect cutouts for all of the device?s buttons & ports and also comes with a free HD screen protector.

Best LG G Flex 2 cases - Tudia Ultra Slim LITE

Best LG G Flex 2 cases – Tudia Ultra Slim LITE

Tudia Ultra Slim LITE

Photo Credit: ?Tudia

Tudia is known for making beautiful slim cases for lots of phone models. Good thing it already have one avialable for the new LG G Flex 2. The case pictured above is their ?frosted clear? variant but there are also other colors available including purple, black, and teal. The texture of this case is soft, courtesy of its rubberized TPU gel silicone material. This makes the case really comfortable to grip.

Best LG G Flex 2 cases - Fosmon Dura-Fro Case

Best LG G Flex 2 cases – Fosmon Dura-Fro Case

Fosmon Dura-Fro Case

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The Dura-Fro Case from Fosmon has a polished matte finish on the exterior that prevents fingerprints while adding a subtle yet stylish look to your LG G Flex 2. It?s a cheap and simple case that?s only 1.4mm thin and weighs less than 1.0oz. It provides an extra level of protection without adding bulk. The cut-outs are precise and offers full access to ports, buttons, and an unfettered view for the camera.

Best LG G Flex 2 cases - Cimo Wave Premium TPU Case

Best LG G Flex 2 cases – Cimo Wave Premium TPU Case

Cimo Wave Premium TPU Case

Photo Credit: ?Cimo

The Cimo Wave case is made of shock absorbent, shatterproof premium TPU material. It has openings for your handset?s power & volume buttons, microUSB port, headphone jack, camera, and the LED flash at the back. The case is furnished with anti-slip properties so it?s a good choice for users who have slippery fingers. It?s a lightweight and slim case that is easy to pull out from your pocket.


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