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With the end of March drawing near, it’s not time for us here at the Bitbag to weigh in on all the great apps that have come out for Apple’s flagship phone, particularly the iPhone 5s. We’ve downloaded and tested a lot of apps both paid and free, so you can be sure that we have a great (but tiny!) list of apps that you should have.

So here they are; the Best iPhone apps for 2014 by the Bitbag:

1. Threes!

We covered this app in our Best iOS games for 2014 list, but it deserves to be mentioned again, simply because its gameplay is simple, addictive and brain-stimulating. The only downside of this game is that you will probably spend too much time on it! Swipe same numbers in one direction to move the tiles and create threes.

2. MyScript Calculator

For students, professionals and anyone who’s ever needed paper to solve an equation, this is the app for you. No pressing buttons or waiting for the screen to rotate to get more functions. Try to write the equation in standard notation as well as possible and see the results come out! What’s even better is that it’s free!

3. Mint

This app may have been around for a long time already but it’s been redesigned for iOS 7 and is continually updating itself with new access points and features! We can’t find any other finance management app that beats it for functionality, ease of use and syncing. Manage all your accounts including your cards and discount profiles with this tiny but powerful money management app.

4. iTunes Festival

Apple likes to give their users all the brand exclusivity they can come up with. With the upcoming iTunes Music Festival, Apple wants all their users to be part of the concerts, gigs and shows that they have lined up. You can stream the shows as they happen and be part of this great music event!

5. Springpad

Sometimes, a to-do list isn’t enough nor is a daily journal. You might remember all your tasks but forget the awesome memories of parties, weddings and other life events. Springpad remembers everything for you. It takes notes, makes lists and saves your thoughts, journal entries, photos, videos and more! It’s free; all you have to do is sign up.

There you have it, the Best iPhone apps for 1st quarter 2014 by the Bitbag.

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