Best iPhone and iPad horror games (no more zombies please!)

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I love playing iPhone and iPad horror games. Some horror junkies might say that the small screen and handheld quality of the platform takes much of the fear factor away?I say they just don?t know how to do screen mirroring or stream their game to their TV.

The iPhone and the iPad offer two things that console and PC games can?t: portability and touch screen functionality. You actually have to touch the screen to get the story and the scares going, so there?s really nowhere to hide anymore when you want to finish an iOS horror game.

So in case you wanted to try out a new kind scary game, here are the best ones in the App store right now:

Easily the most atmospheric game of the bunch, this side-swiping, open exploration puzzle game has a simple premise delivered with complex, insightful execution. You enact the ritual of a Year Walk, a journey beginning at midnight where you visit parts of a darkened, snowy wood, meeting creatures that lead you to answer a question or see the future. Based on an unsettling part of Swedish folklore researched by the developers and Theodor Almsten, you?ll find that there are clues that span beyond the game. ?There?s a free companion app that you might want to try out before you buy the game itself. All in all, this is my favourite game on the iPad.

year walk 2

A lot of horror junkies might say that Limbo isn?t a horror game after that first jump scare. I like to say their definition of horror is a zombie apocalypse. The main hook of this game for me is the fact that you?re a little boy faced with the black and white horror of a death gauntlet where 12 foot spiders are the least of your worries?especially where everything is just shades of dying sunlight through dark places. Solve puzzles, accept brain parasites and get to the end of the death gauntlet. One of the best iPhone or iPad horror games for parents with small children.



Have you started to notice that I like creepy titles that have you wandering around without a clue? The Woods is another title like that?only you know that you have to keep away from demons while finding the pages of a book to complete a ritual of banishment. You?re basically running around and reading with demons on your trail. Not something I?d like to play before a camping trip but otherwise, another awesome title to unsettle you and ruin you for trees and forests. No need to thank me at all!

the woods

Papa Sangre is probably the most unsettling game of the whole bunch of iPhone and iPad horror games, since you need to really hear everything in the game to finish it. Slap on the best earphones or earbuds you have and get ready to use the screen to walk, run or flail your way through a labyrinth of complete darkness, where the only guides are the sounds you hear. You may have to run in this direction when you hear a whisper in your ear, or are you going to stand still and think it wasn?t really anything? Before you know it, you won?t even need the earphones to hear what?s truly there.

papa sangre

These games have kept me up for weeks and made me dread doing the simplest things like listening to Spotify or logging on to a website (post a comment if you know what I mean). There?s nothing better than having a focus group discussion on how scared you were during and after ?iPhone or iPad horror games.

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