Best iPhone and Android Apps to Make Smokers Stop Smoking

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Life has provided smokers nearly 500,000 reasons to quit. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, cigarette smoking causes 480,000 deaths each year. Smoking greatly damages the lungs (respiratory), the heart (cardiovascular) and almost every part of the body which will eventually lead to dreadful diseases like lung cancer, several heart diseases, stroke etc. The smoke from the cigarette can also affect pregnant women and their babies.

What makes Smoking addicting?

Nicotine makes it addictive. It creates a certain form of addiction. Moreover, as one tries to stop he will experience withdrawal symptoms. But Nicotine is not the only thing that makes smoking cigarettes addicting. Behavioural habits, social and environmental pressures and influences, and even your genes add up to the challenge of quitting smoking.

Common Reasons Why People Smoke

1.) It feels so good!

This is because of the Nicotine that is a great stimulant.

2.) A way to relax

Smoking, technically, should make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy but because you need to feed your nicotine addiction, smoking makes you feel relaxed and satisfied.

3.) No more dull moments

This is one of the common excuses of smokers who tend to just smoke as soon as they are in public or they have nothing to do. It is almost like a muscle memory and a routine where they do not need anymore to decide whether or not to smoke, they will just do it the moment they have a chance.

Smokers have their very own reasons and we should respect that, but smokers need to be sensitive as well. They should know that the effects are not only limited to them, hence people around them can get a sniff of the smoke. In addition, the environment is also affected because of the destructive chemicals the smoke brings.

Herein provided are the best apps ( iPhone and Android apps) to help people who want to quit smoking:

1.) Livestrong MyQuit Coach ? Dare to Quit Smoking

  • The app provides you a personalized quit plan to help you to totally quit smoking or to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke little by little. Money matters to everyone and you do not want it to go to waste and with this app, you can monitor your finances to see how much you have saved without the cigarettes. The app rewards every time you do well. The beauty in this app is there is a community who will support, motivate, and strengthen your guts to stop smoking ? just connect to Facebook, Twitter and to chat with them. The app is free!

2.) Quit It Lite

  • This iPhone app?s different. Instead of tracking the nicotine you have consumed, it focuses on what you haven?t done like the cigarettes you didn?t smoke and the tar that didn?t absorb into your bloodstream. The app is free!

3.) Stop Smoking ? Mindfulness Meditation App to Cessation Smoking

  • A different approach is meditation. Stop Smoking app provides guided meditation sessions designed to curb smoking addiction. Like Livestrong, you can connect to social networking sites (Facebook and Twitter) to get support and advices. The first 5 minute session is free or you can just get the app for $1.99.

4.) Quit Smoking ? Cessation Nation

  • The android app offers almost the same features as the first three iPhone apps but this one has a game that can distract your nicotine cravings.

5.) Quit Now!

  • Unlike other quit-smoking apps, it gives you daily motivations, the amount of time that has elapsed since you decided to quit, the number of added hours added to your life and U.N. World Health Organization-approved indicators that your health is progressively improving.

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