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Source: Apple


The trouble with ranking the best iPhone 5s cases is twofold: there are so many and people aren’t really sure what they like. The iPhone 5s, particularly, has such a distinctive gold color that most people would not want to cover that up. Other people, on the other hand, want something that will protect their precious device from anything on earth except their own misuse.

Nonetheless, there is something on this list for every iPhone 5s owner. It’s just a matter of knowing what you want for your iPhone 5s in the first place.

1. OtterBox Defender

The most popular brand for heavy-duty and lifeproof cases, the OtterBox Defender wraps your iPhone 5s up so snugly not even you can break your own phone. Comes in a wide range of colors, it encases your iPhone in a soft silicone material first before the tough plastic exterior. Some people might find it too bulky and it also covers the gold color on case you have the 5s gold. All in all, it offers premium protection for your Apple phone.

2. Spigen Hybrid Crystal Clear Case

For users who want their silver, gold or grey iPhone back showcased while they’re using the device, this is the best clear case in the market. Made of soft, jelly-like material, it makes sure that your phone is protected from bumps and drops. The buttons are also covered so you can be sure that no dirty can get into the little openings. If you want something to protect your phone without adding bulk, this is the case for you.

3. Urban Armor Gear Case

Another tough case, this gives your iPhone 5s a militaristic vibe with its unique back cover. Still, it’s a case that you can’t mess with and shall protect your phone forever. It takes the same features of the OtterBox Defender but it gives the look to match the protection. It’s also a bit thinner than the OtterBox.

4. Mophie Juicepack

No list of iPhone cases would be complete without a Mophie case. The first and best of all the integrated power banks + iPhone case combo, this packs almost a whole complete charge for your iPhone 5s. Comes in black and is the slimmest power case in the market, Mophie is what you need if you don’t want to lug around a separate power bank.

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