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Best iPad Mini Retina cases and covers

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iPad Mini with Retina display


The iPad Mini with Retina display could be called a condensed iPad Air or a blown-up iPod Touch. The smaller size is suited for kids and people who don?t want to carry a larger tablet like the iPad Air. It is worth noting, though, that the iPad Air still weighs less than the iPad Mini Retina.

Here at the Bitbag, we know that the first thing you should do after you get your iPad Mini Retina is get it a screen protector and a case. Even if Apple uses scratch-free Gorilla Glass, it?s still important to give every kind of protection you can for your device. Here?s our roundup of the best cases for your iPad Mini Retina. We hope you find the one you like in a tech accessory store near you!

  • Apple SmartCover for iPad Mini Retina

The best case in the market for the iPad Mini is still the one made by Apple. Why? It essentially has everything you need to make your iPad Mini even more functional. It fits the device perfectly, opens the Mini with a sleep/awake function and it can act as a stand for viewing and typing. What?s more, you can buy any back cover you like and attach the SmartCover; a great way to personalise your device!

  • Xtreme MacTuffwrap Play

If you use the iPad Mini Retina for gaming or you regularly let your rowdy little youngster use it, this is the case for you. Comes in a bright color so you can find your device in a jiffy, it?s also made of dense and shock-absorbing plastic for those toddler drops and gaming jump scares.

  • Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio

This case has a built-in keyboard for writers and business users. It connects to your iPad Mini Retina using Bluetooth and is nice and slim. This means that instead of taking around a bulky laptop, you can type or write right on your iPad Mini Retina!

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