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The new Apple iPad Air took us somewhere we didn’t think the iPad could go. With less bezel, less weight and more screen area, it even weighs less than the new Mini! What?s more, it packs faster specs and is going to be the best tablet out there for a long time. That?s why you need a case that:

  • Protects it from bumps and drops (since it?s so thin and large)
  • Allows it to stand for easy use
  • Isn’t?too bulky or hard to hold when you?re using it without a surface to put it on.

Here at the Bitbag, we’ve put together a list of cases that hit most of those important points, if not just one. We hope you find the right case for your iPad Air and you find one in an Apple Store or an electronics accessory store near you. So without further ado, here are the cases:

  • CaseCrown Omni

If you?re looking for a case that hits all those three points we mentioned above, the CaseCrown Omni does so adequately in some and stunningly in others. It uses the old SmartCover style of folding into 4 panels to prop the iPad Air up for viewing and typing quite well. It?s shock-tested to handle normal (not intense!) bumps and drops and it doesn?t add bulk.

  • Otterbox Defender

If you?re planning to take your iPad Air hiking or traveling with you then this might be the best case for your lifestyle. Neither does the case keep your iPad thin nor does it have a stand for easy use. But what it will do is keep your tablet protected if it takes a tumble a few steps.

  • iPad Air SmartCover

There?s something to be said of Apple?s design on any of their products. The way the SmartCover requires all other back cases from other brands to be compatible with its simple, effective and sturdy design is a testament to Apple?s prowess.

  • ZaggKey Folio

The iPad Air could be the next big thing for writers who don?t want a large laptop with them all the time. This Bluetooth Keyboard case lets you type on your iPad and even comes with an adjustable hinge. Did we mention that the keys are back-lit?and it comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for months?

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