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Just as the end of March draws near, here we are to give you the best iOS games for 2014’s 1st quarter. We’ve played these games for hours on end and no matter what tickles your fancy, we’re sure you can find something for your new iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Keep in mind that these games are usually optimized for the iPhone 5s and the latest iPad.

1. Threes! $2.99

This tiny, addictive, adorable and simple game has you adding and adding as you swipe your tiles to one side and then another. You combine two numbered tiles to make a sum and everything else slides in the same direction. Suffice to say, you’ll only realize how terrific the game is when you play it.

2. Final Fantasy VI $15.99

Join Terra on her journey once again, this time on iPhone and iPad. Slip on your Magitek armor and fire those bolts in this iOS port of a true classic. This turn-based RPG from Square Enix is just the 6th in their continued ports of the series over to iOS. If you’re in for a compelling story, charming, old style graphics and that epic Final Fantasy feel, grab this game now.

3. Disco Zoo Free

From the creators of Tiny Tower, Tiny Death Star and Pocket Frogs comes another cute simulation game–this time with animals and disco balls! Rescue animals through a simple guessing/logic puzzle and build up your zoo. The animals earn you more money to use on your rescues as you move from farmland to savannah and finally to your own Jurassic Park. Oh, and did we say your zoo animals party too?

4. Shadow Blade $0.99

Platformers are aplenty on iOS, where the game scene is more robust than in any other App Store in the market. But Shadow Blade’s Kuro gives the game that smooth polish and thrilling touch of action thanks to the (almost predictable) awesome controls and the exciting missions. Your tapping also comes with weapons and you’d have to keep all your wits about you like a real ninja to help Kuro get to the end of each stage.

5. Toast Time $2.99

Control TERRY, a toast and muffin-shooting cutie battle the evil time-blobs from swallowing up all our spare time. If we didn’t have any, how would we play anything, after all! This game hearkens back to the era where cute characters all had dry, British wit and a love for breakfast items. Part shooter, tower defense and menu, TERRY will surely keep you entertained for hours on end.

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