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6 best investment apps and platforms to maximize your earning potential

Invest in the right place to maximize your earning potential!

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Check out these online investment platforms and apps:

  • Crowdstreet
  • SmartAsset
  • Roofstock
  • FarmTogether
  • Linqto
  • Lemonade

In case you’re wondering when the best time to invest is, the answer is and always will be “yesterday”. This is because of one of the basic principles of investing–the earlier you begin, the more you are able to earn–and nobody in their right mind would turn down the opportunity to earn more. It also sits next to “the greater the risk, the higher the potential reward.” However, before we jump into that, here are 6 of the best investment apps and platforms for beginners to help you decide where to invest your hard-earned money in.


Photo: Crowdstreet

Crowdstreet is named the “Best Overall Real Estate Crowdfunding Site” by Investopedia in 2021 and 2022. It is one of the largest online real estate investing platforms in the U.S. that provides direct access to some of the most sought-after, institutional-quality real estate investment opportunities across the country.

This investment platform allows you to invest in thematic managed funds. Using Crowdstreet, tens of thousands of investors have been able to diversify their portfolios outside of stocks and bonds with private equity real estate. With $3 billion invested across 618 deals, their investor community has already earned more than $508 million in distributions.


Photo: SmartAsset

SmartAsset is an online investment platform for consumer-focused financial information and advice. They extend their mission of helping people make smart financial decisions through SmartAdvisor, a national marketplace connecting consumers to financial advisors. Their pool of financial planning professionals assists their users in making informed decisions. SmartAsset also reaches approximately 75 million people every month through educational content and personalized calculators and tools. (Data as of September 2021)


Photo: Roofstock

Roofstock is one of the world’s leading real estate investment marketplaces. They aim to make ownership of investment real estate radically accessible, cost-effective, and simple.

This online investment platform lets everyone–from first-time investors to global asset managers–evaluate, purchase, and own residential investment properties with confidence from anywhere in the world. Since its launch in 2015, they have already surpassed $4 billion in transactions and continue to lead the industry with cutting-edge technology and innovations.


Photo: FarmTogether

FarmTogether was created to promote farmland investing in 2017. Today, their investors enjoy attractive returns while also making an impact to the environment. A Sydney Design Awards 2020 Silver Winner in the Digital-Fintech category, FarmTogether specializes in both row crops and permanent crops, with active properties across the country.

Depending on your risk/reward appetite, they offer a wide and diverse range of investment opportunities.

Through the FarmTogether platform and app, investors can securely get a single portal to browse their investments, review due diligence materials, and seamlessly sign legal documents. 


Photo: Linqto

Linqto is an online investment platform app that enables a new class of investors to access pre-IPO opportunities. With the flexibility of trading directly on the platform, they make the private securities asset class accessible while reducing costs and saving time. Linqto is easy to use and has an expert team that is always available to answer any questions.


Photo: Lemonade

Lemonade has revolutionized the traditional insurance model by making everything simple and transparent. They take a flat fee, instantly pay claims, and give back what’s left to causes you care about. Through this all-in-one app, you can cover your belongings, home, pets, family, and car in mere minutes. After claims and costs, your premiums will even go towards a charity of your choice through Lemonade’s Giveback, which has raised over $4 million for non-profits everywhere.