Best IFTTT Recipes To Automate Your World

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?Delicious? IFTTT recipes to help you concoct the best automation commands

?Delicious? IFTTT recipes to help you concoct the best automation commands


The popular web-based tool, IFTTT (pronounced like gift, or just I-F-T-T-T) lets users interconnect different websites and mobile device apps and services in order to make automatic activities. It?s grounded on the basic premise of ?If this, then that,? which can be understood to mean ?If this happens, then do that,? hence the name. What makes the app truly useful is the availability of thousands of IFTTT recipes, or pre-determined scripts, that users can use to create automatic tasks.

We?ve scoured the internet and brought you some of the best IFTTT recipes we think you might enjoy. By clicking on the titles below, you?ll be redirected to the IFTTT page where you can use them, provided you already have the IFTTT app installed. These recipes work for both Android and iOS.

Text me the weather forecast each morning

Getting your daily forecast from your typical weather app is so 2013. Many people are obviously aware of that since this IFTTT recipe is one of the most widely used. By activating it, you will receive an SMS each day telling you the weather for the day. It even includes a note saying ?Don?t forget to bring your umbrella!? Sweet.

Text To Escape

Have you ever bumped into an old high school classmate that you really don?t like but went on to spend a minute or TEN to catch up? Save your life by using this IFTTT recipe and set up your phone number. After that, you can send a text message to a pre-set IFTTT number with the hashtag #helpme and you will receive an actual call; that call will give you an excuse to plan your escape. Handy? You?re welcome.

If new Facebook photo uploaded, save to Dropbox

If you?re a hardcore Facebook user, this one?s for you. You can backup every single photo you upload to the social network by activating this recipe. Those backup photos can be saved to your Dropbox account in the folder that you?ve chosen. You can also set it to work with your Instagram and Twitter photos.

Don’t forget to pay the bills each month

Think IFTTT will never be able to help you with expense monitoring? Wrong! There?s actually an IFTTT recipe that will text you whenever it?s time to pay your utilities, rent, credit card, or any other bill. You?ll need to set up the date beforehand, of course.

Send Thanks to new followers

Been gaining lots of Twitter followers lately? Let them know you appreciate it by having IFTTT send a thank you note to your new followers. It works hand in hand with Gmail; whenever you receive an email from Twitter saying that a user ?is now following you on Twitter!? IFTTT will recognize it and will do the rest.

Turn on the light when the sun sets

This one is for the more techy type. If you?re like that, say you bought a home automation tool like the ones from Belkin WeMo, then IFTTT can help you make the most out of it. For instance, the smart light from WeMo can be controlled by an IFTTT recipe that will automatically turn it on whenever the sun sets. IFTTT knows when the sun will set as it is also integrated with different weather channels.


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