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Best HTC One M8 cases and covers

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The best-looking Android phone on the market deserves the best case that you think can protect it, and at the same time enhance the design. Although the One M8 isn?t as popular as the Samsung Galaxy S series or the iPhone, it?s just as powerful and possibly even better than the two most popular smartphones out there.

So if you recently acquired the flagship phone, here are the best HTC One M8 cases and covers that might be the perfect one for your personality and preference:

  • Case Mate Naked Tough Case

For a no-brainer decision, simply go for the case that doesn?t take anything away from the design of the HTC One M8. This case is clear and as thin as basic protection can be, so you?re protected from minor drops and bumps. The main point of this case is to protect the device without sacrificing its form.

  • Otterbox Defender Series Case

If your HTC One M8 is going to see some serious action like sports, nature or other high-hazard environments, then your best bet is, as always, the Defender. It covers the whole device, helps it survive even the deadliest drops and any sort of scratch on the screen. You also get a swivelling belt clip so you don?t even have to hold your device or put it in your pocket, where it might fall.

  • HTC Dot View Case

The official case from HTC isn?t just a premium accessory that fits the device perfectly. In a bid to be brilliantly different from the usual window-type and premium leather cases found on other Android phones, the Taiwanese company came out with a rubber-like case that displays the time, weather and other quick notifications when you double tap the cover. You can also swipe down from the top of the folio case to activate voice commands and use the phone while the case is closed.

  • Spigen Slim Armor Case

If you like changing cases for your HTC One M8 every now and then, this is the best choice for you. With the Spigen Slim Armor Case, you get a non-rigid armor that has cutouts for ports and speakers. With this comes a TPU shell case for the outer layer. Since this case has two pieces, you can swap out the outer color for any of the six other designs.

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