Best HTC One M8 Cases: 4 Slim Ways To Reinforce Its Beautiful Metal Body

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Protect your phone with these slim and good-looking HTC One M8 cases. (Image courtesy of HTC)

The HTC One M8 is a thing of beauty. It?s one of the first mainstream smartphones to sport an elegant metal body. If you finally got your hands on the phone, you?ll see what we?re talking about. It has an aluminum frame unibody with a brushed metal backing. All parts of the device screams premium.

Of course, it innards need to keep up with its gorgeous exterior. That?s why HTC equipped it with a powerful Snapdragon 801 chipset, 2GB RAM, and Android 4.4.4 KitKat, which is expected to be updated to Android Lollipop soon.

If you don?t want falls, bumps, and scratches to ruin the phone?s attractive chassis, try some of the best HTC One M8 cases we found around the web. These options provide reasonable protection and won?t imprison your device in a bulky case.

Best HTC One M8 cases - Case Mate Barely There Case

Best HTC One M8 cases – Case Mate Barely There Case

Case-Mate Barely There Case

Photo Credit: ?Case-Mate

As its name suggests, this one from Case-Mate very inconspicuous and won?t over spoil your One M8?s aesthetics. Its outer body has a soft touch finish that?s not bulky and keep the phone?s slim profile. There?s also a raised bezel that prevents the touchscreen from being scratch if you lay it face down.

Best HTC One M8 cases - Griffin Reveal Case

Best HTC One M8 cases – Griffin Reveal Case

Griffin Reveal Case

Photo Credit: ?Griffin

The Griffin reveal case protects your HTC One M8 with its ultra-thin body made of a one-piece polycarbonate shell. It features an interior rubber lining and has precise cut-outs for all the button and ports. The case itself is only 1.6mm thick. It?s doesn?t offer the most superior protection out there by it will definitely stop scratches from ever ruining your handset?s awesome facade.

Best HTC One M8 cases - Hyperion Matte TPU Case

Best HTC One M8 cases – Hyperion Matte TPU Case

Hyperion Matte TPU Case

Photo Credit: ?Hyperion

This case from Hyperion is made from the very durable material called thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU. It?s ultra-thin and features a matte finish that prevents smudges and fingerprints along with providing a good grip. It also comes with a slightly raised bezel to avoid damage to the screen when the device is laid face down. Though it?s being offered in several colors, all variant has a semi-transparent body so the HTC logo is still visible.

Best HTC One M8 cases - Incipio Feather Case

Best HTC One M8 cases – Incipio Feather Case

Incipio Feather Case

Photo Credit: ?Incipio

The Incipio Feather case has a snap-on design which makes it breeze to fit into and remove from the One M8. It maintains the slim shape of the device and has a body made of Plextonium to provide protection while only adding 1mm of thickness to your phone. Its layered with a soft touch finish for enhanced comfort and grip.


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