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Cameos are short appearances by known people, often times celebrities, athletes, politicians and musicians. This is widely acknowledged in movies but in this case, games. There is something so special that makes you warm and excited when you see your favorite people or seeing famous people in a video game unexpectedly. We have compiled the most hilarious, sometimes out of place cameos of famous people or characters in games.

Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero 5


Kurt Cobain is an unlockable character in Guitar Hero 5. You can make the deceased legend do embarrassing things. The game got Kurt Cobain?s looks pretty well but his actions, NO! Spin called the cameo appearance as horrifying all because of the weird things that Kurt does in the game. Alongside with bassist in bikini with angel wings and a mohawked skeleton playing drums, Kurt sings Bon Jovi?s ?You Give Love a Bad Name?.


Bill and Hilary Clinton in NBA Jam


Coming across a game with a politician is fun! Double the fun, we have Bill and Hilary Clinton showing basketball moves in NBA Jam!


Snoop Dogg in True Crime Streets L.A.


Real-life rapper was included in the game, saving the world from havoc. Unlike GTA games, True Crime makes sure trouble doesn?t happen and with Snoop and his kick-ass lines and quotes, you will surely have fun playing the games. Snoop Dogg can be unlocked by collecting 30 Dogg Bones scattered around L.A.


Freddy Krueger in Mortal Kombat


The game known for its bloody and violent universe finds Freddy Krueger as the perfect fit for the role. Horror movie fans know well how nasty and totally violent Freddy Krueger is.


Yoda and Darth Vader in Soul Calibur IV


When will Star Wars get out of the league? Never! This has got to be one of the best cameos ever. Seeing your favorite movie characters in a game can give you a rush. The bonus characters in Soul Calibur IV include Star Wars legends, Master Yoda and Darth Vader. Apparently the developers were inspired by the design of the consoles the game was made for; Yoda is green like bits of the Xbox 360, while Darth Vader is shiny and black, like PS3, as MyGaming stated.


Spider-man in Tony Hawk?s Pro Skater 2


Who would dare Spidey while skateboarding? With his agility, speed and sticky body, he?s probably the best superhero skater ever.


Shrek in Tony Hawk?s Underground 2


Beating the games on easy would unlock the kind-hearted ogre. But beware though, there is a ?Super Blood? option where the ogre falls into his own blood every time he bails.


Michael Jackson in Space Channel 5


A game of dancing? Including a dancing legend in the game is a good move! Enough said. He is the supreme King of Pop even in outer space.


Barack Obama in Mercenaries 2



A person with strong will and belief in freedom is the current president of the United States. In the game, the mission is to overthrow a Venezuelan dictator. The funny thing here though is with only his bare hands, he hijacked a tank, killed the operator, then climbed in.


Justin Bieber in NBA 2k13


This one?s the most out of place cameo. He sure has all the means to buy expensive basketball shoes and have his own basketball court but he can?t dunk like any basketball star. Bieber is part of the Fantasy Celebrity Super-Team with the game increasing his height and his stats ?maximum! Anyhow, he is the famous singer teen age girls would scream for in a basketball court.

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