Best Harambe Memes From Satirical To Outright Offensive

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Animal activists find it satirical but Cincinnati Zoo doesn?t find the Harambe memes funny. Harambe is a zoo gorilla from Ohio who was shot and killed after a three-year-old boy got into his enclosure. And although nearly three months have already passed since the animal?s death in May, memes about Harambe don?t stop and it only gets more offensive.

Memes about Harambe are all around the internet immediately after his death went viral online. It is not actually surprising given the fact that memes are expected to follow in the cracks of whatever is being talked about. The outrage over Harambe may have already subsided and most people are moving on but the memes seem to live on.?13892234_1142484832482097_5903612783027965221_n

Internet users get some light-hearted jokes related to the zoo animal and some seem to enjoy it. But Cincinnati Zoo director Zane Maynard admitted that the zoo finds it tough to move on due to these memes circulating the internet. All these online jokes and petitions to them are not funny at all.

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According to Maynard, the zoo family is still in the healing process. He said they are honouring Harambe by redoubling their conservation efforts. They also persuade other people to join. They clearly aren?t amused by all the memes, petitions and signs about the departed Gorilla.


Aside from the zoo staff, over 500,000 supporters who are calling for justice for Harambe are unsurprisingly not pleased with the animal being the subject of jokes and memes.

It is not our intention to judge Harambe memesters. Some are funny to many. But for some animal activists, they could have mixed emotions about it.

Anthony Seta, an animal right activist, said he is happy for the most part. He said it shows people are remembering what a wonderful being Harambe was. But the ones that are mocking the animal, those are outright offensive.


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