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Best Gems for Weapons and Helms in Diablo 3 RoS

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While the Diablo 3 RoS Legendary Gems are still out, socketing gems into your Headgear and Weapon are going to be the same since the new Unique Jewels are only viable to slot into Amulets and Rings. So in the Marquise and Imperial, Gems you?re picking up in Torment levels are still important.

Why am I focusing on the headgear and the weapons? Those two slots offer great bonuses to their gear when you put in the Flawless Royal Gem of your choice. But the trick is knowing which one works best for you.

I?ve put together some suggestions on where to put the Flawless Royal Gems or at least the highest Gem of each kind you have. Here they are:

  • Flawless Royal Emerald

Put them in your weapons. All your weapons. But only if you have Critical Hit Chance higher than 30% (why wouldn’t you?). The highest gem gives you 130% additional Critical Hit Damage. It also stacks when you?re dual wielding to give you 260% more CHD if you have the Emerald in your other hand.

  • Flawless Royal Diamond

This should go in a helm. This cuts down your cooldown up to 12.5%! That’s technically 7.5 seconds off a skill that takes a minute to refresh while 3/4 of a second off a 6-second cooldown skill. While the increased damage against elites is good for weapons, the CHD from Emeralds gives you higher damage overall. But if your Critical Hit Chance is less than 20%, this could be a better choice than the Emerald.

  • Flawless Royal Amethyst

If you?re using Life on Hit or %Life as a main mechanic for Survival, put one in each weapon. Depending on your build, you may want to put it in your helm if you?re a tank or if you?re gathering resources for raising a gem?s rank. If you have insane HP numbers, you can watch your toughness jump high with one socketing of the gem.

  • Flawless Royal Topaz

Unless you?re trying to mine all the Veiled Crystal and cash, there really is no reason to socket any Topaz in any helm or weapon.

  • Flawless Royal Ruby

If you have woefully-low Critical Hit Chance (< 30%?! But why?!), the Ruby is also a great alternative to the Emerald. You can add up to 270 more damage to each of your weapons. The DPS rises with your ASPD so if that?s your strategy, you better get a Ruby. The extra experience is also great if you?re looking to gain levels quickly.

Keep in mind that you still need all of these gems especially if you want to enchant Amulets and Rings as one Legendary Enchantment costs at least a Flawless Imperial Gem (Yes, I totally think Myriam and Shen haven?t broken up and are milking us for all we?re worth).

So do you think you?d socket your Diablo 3 RoS Weapons and Helms with my suggestions? Drop me a comment and let?s discuss!

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