Best gaming laptops for 2014

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What could a laptop have over a desktop PC when it comes to gaming? Why would you even want to use a laptop that gets out-dated every few years since gaming is growing by leaps and bounds?

?Why would you even want one?

Gaming laptops can perform just as well as gaming desktops if you aren’t looking to bringing a veritable monster with you every time. Most huge rigs for gaming usually involve cooperative games anyway, so gaming laptops give players the one thing gaming desktops never could: mobility.


Although gaming laptops are still huge compared to other laptop PCs, they still allow gamers to get together in an actual location, set up their games and raid or go on missions together while in the same room. If you haven’t fought a high-level boss with friends in the same room, you have no idea what you’re missing.


Another thing that gaming laptops have over desktop PCs is their power saving feature. Big gaming rigs with multiple displays and several hard drives take up huge amounts of electricity. With a gaming laptop, you’re basically just powering a battery.


So if you think that a gaming laptop is the best for you, here are the Bitbag’s picks for the best gaming laptops for this part of 2014:


  • Alienware 18

What Alienware lacks in desktop prowess they continue to have in gaming laptops. This 18″ beauty weights 12.2 lbs. and has two Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M GPUs, Core i7 processor, 1080 display and a cool, lights-effect keyboard.

  • Razer Blade

The gaming accessory company has come out with a laptop that packs a powerful gaming punch without the bulk. It comes with a 3200×1800 touchscreen display and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 870M GPU. What’s more, it’s super slim. Therefore, Razer has made a gaming laptop that has a beautiful touchscreen display and easier to carry than most.

  • Origin EON17-SLX

If you?re looking for the fastest machine out there, look no further. Origin delivers the fastest specs on the market bar none.? This means it doesn?t just run games like no one?s business; you can also animate, draw, edit and do absolutely anything without a pause. Be wary though of its poor keyboard and extremely high price tag for something that?s just fast.

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