Best gaming accessories for laptops and desktop PCs

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Hardcore and serious gamers are always looking for the best gaming accessories for laptop and desktop PCs. No matter what genre you are into, there?s a gaming accessory like a mouse or the Nostromo that is just right for you. It?s just a matter of knowing which are the right ones for you.

So if you?re looking for something to help you out with your Titanfall, Diablo 3 or Call of Duty game, here?s the Bitbag suggestions on the best gaming accessories for laptop and desktop PCs:

  • ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset

The reason why this is on our list is because it has Dolby Digital Surround 7.1. This means that you not only don?t bother anyone around you when you play (unless you?re a screamer or a swearer), you also get to hear the faintest sounds from your game. That?s right, you?ll hear Slenderman slithering behind you or the far-off screaming from the depths of Hell.

  • Microsoft Xbox controller for PC

If you ever wanted to play your PC games just like the Xbox version, you can do so with the Xbox controller for PC. It attaches to your PC or laptop via USB for charging or you can opt for wireless Bluetooth connectivity. This means that you can play controller-supported Steam games right on your PC, from a good distance away!

  • Razer Tartarus

Your laptop or desktop probably came with a keyboard already, so it doesn?t make sense to buy another keyboard. Get a Tartarus instead, which keeps your keyboard free while your hand pounds on the programmable and ergonomically-designed keys. It?s essentially an accessory that lets you hotkey all your commands in one hand. You never have to touch the keyboard for controls again. Pair this with the best gaming mouse and you?ll see how it improves your gameplay.

  • Razer DeathAdder

Finally, the mouse to end all gaming mice should be your must-have gaming accessory. This programmable mouse can enable macros and command chains for crafting and combos, and it can take a lot of usage. You can also adjust the mouse speed and dpi for delicate control or flat-out rage.

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