Best Games Like ‘Monster Hunter: World’ for the PS4

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Monster Hunter: World
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The recent release of Monster Hunter: World has left many fans — old and new alike — abuzz. But what about those who can’t get their hands on the coveted addition to the Monster Hunter franchise? Fret not, because there are some alternatives that can cater to the craving for Monster Hunter: World.


Though it lacks the monster-hunting element that Monster Hunter games have, Bloodborne is a fitting alternative due to its vast variety of foes to face. It also boasts of different weapons — such as firearms and swords — and allows players to explore a variety of locations as they unravel more of Bloodborne’s world and the mysteries that follow it.

Inspired by the works of Bram Stoker and H.P. Lovecraft, Bloodborne leans towards the more gothic side in terms of visuals and art direction. Players can also customize their character, the Hunter. Customization of the Hunter ranges from their gender, skin color, voice, name, and body shape. Notably, Bloodborne also features a multiplayer option. This allows players to summon other players into their gameplay in order to assist them in boss battles or large groups of enemies.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Another action role-playing game, Horizon Zero Dawn is capable of satiating the longing for Monster Hunter games thanks to its variety of ways to defeat enemies as well as its open world environment. Moreover, players can set aside resources that they find in the game and utilize them to craft a spectrum of useful objects. This includes ammunition, curatives, and traps.

Main story quests can be set aside in favor of pursuing side quests. With Horizon Zero Dawn’s vast expanse, the open world aspect ultimately enhances its gaming experience.

Toukiden 2

A sequel to 2013’s Toukiden: The Age of Demons, Toukiden 2 caters to fans of the series outside of just the PlayStation Vita. This time around, world exploration in Toukiden 2 has evolved into an open world approach. Similar to Monster Hunter, Toukiden 2 involves hunting down monsters as its primary objective.

What makes Toukiden 2 stand out, however, is its Japanese touch. Though set in a fantasy world, the game features a hefty amount of medieval Japanese themes. Thus, its demons bring something different to the table that is worth checking out as a contrast to Monster Hunter’s own style.

Dark Souls

Another popular gaming franchise brought to fans by FromSoftware, Inc., Dark Souls is a game that is undeniably worth checking out. This is regardless as to whether or not you’re seeking a Monster Hunter: World alternative.

Considered to be one of the best video games ever made, Dark Souls boasts of extensive combat and world lore. It is one of those games that prove to be a challenge due to its unforgiving difficulty. Still, with its commendable gameplay and expansive open world environment, Dark Souls is a game that should not be simply set aside. There’s all the more reason to look into it too, seeing as the original Dark Souls will have a remastered release on not just the PS4, but the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows as well.

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