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Best Gameplay Channels On YouTube To Watch Today

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YouTube has definitely pooled all the right people when it comes to video game reviews, news and commentators if you know enough where to look. Here is a handy list of anyone who wants to follow informative and entertaining videos that will help you in your conquest to becoming a great gamer.

Angry Joe

This commentator puts the angry to a whole other level. His level of quirkiness and funny antics will generally leave you watching for more. But his thorough review of games and a balanced explanation of it is a trait that not many gameplay channels have. His ?Angry Reviews? are definitely not for the faint of heart.


PewDiePie never lets a single moment be dull. His funny reactions and intense bantering is a good addition to any game you want to watch. His gameplay videos gets funnier the longer you watch. This guy may surely be on the list of every top gameplay channels created.

Chris Smoove

If you?re curious why he picked the name Smoove, find any Los Angelers Clippers basketball team profile and look for Josh ?Smoove? Smith. Believe it or not, they?re the splitting image of each other, except with the talents of course. The Smoove we hear on YouTube is also great at basketball, NBA 2k15 that is. His exceptional talent at posting videos on YouTube is always a pleasure to watch.

Super BunnyHop

Their pseudo-journalistic content about video games is more than enough to subscribe to their channel. They offer fresh perspective and latest news that will help you better decide on what game you really want to play.

Jim Sterling

A fearless and energetic Sterling in YouTube is a great thing. His ?Jimquisition? has helped the gaming community in so many ways that makes him an indispensable member of the YouTube community.

So if you’re planning on buying a new game without really knowing if it’s good or not, try to relax a bit and just watch these guys as they answer all you gaming needs.

Here are some other gameplay channels on YouTube that you should definitely look out for:


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