Best Game-inspired Watches for the Serious Gamers

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There are video game geeks who buy all the collectibles they can lay their eyes on especially with the dawn of pre-orders that give exclusive game content and even limited editions that give you game figurines and even busts of game characters. There are also clothes and accessories with video game characters printed or a plastered logo which you can buy on the market, however, some of them look cheap and an afterthought to cash-in on fans.

In a market saturated with ugly video game products akin to the bloatware content on the Android store comes a Luxury watch maker that will make you drool and sell your house and lot to afford their video game accessories.

If you barely save enough money to buy newly released games, then RJ?s retro game watches aren?t for you as you might have to save money for your whole lifetime as their watches cost over $13,000. If you have money to burn, go buy them especially if you live in the corporate world so you can take pride in being geek while looking sharp.

Here are the best?game-inspired watches for the serious gamers to satisfy the geek in you.

Our best game-inspired watches:

#1 Tetris-inspired Timepiece

Romain Jerome has recently released the Tetris-DNA watch, a piece of aluminium wonder with an aluminium-engraved Tetris logo and hand-brushed matrix. The Tetris-DNA watch has a rubber strap with adjustable lugs and the case is made of black titanium. The dial is covered with adonised aluminium tetrominos.

RJ Watches CEO Manuel Emch claims the Tetris-DNA watch was his way of immortalizing one of his favourite games to share his passion with collectors and fans.

?It made sense for me to collaborate with Tetris as it?s one of the greatest game of all time. I remember playing on my Game Boy first generation for hours as my addiction grew stronger with time,? Emch said on the website.

#2 Pac-man inspired Timepiece

Part of the earlier pieces that this watchmaker has created is the PacMan inspired timepiece. The watch is created using Black PVD-coated steel. It features the pixelated characters and fruits in the first level of Pacman. Romain Jerome also created a PacMan level two collection which features the PacMan villains Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde as Dark Ghosts.

You know you?re a true geek if you knew these ghosts had names.

#3 Space Invaders-inspired Timepiece

For Space Invaders fans out there, this is probably the watch that will make you go gaga. Of all the watches that RJ has made with generational icons, Space Invaders probably has the most number of variations.

Watch Faces

If you don?t have money to burn to buy these top game-inspired watches, you can resort to these Watch Faces that are free or will only cost you a dollar at most.

Hello Kitty Watch Face

Step into Hello Kitty?s world with this adorable watch made by Sanrio. It won?t cost you a dime as it is free on the Android store. You can download it here.

Angry Birds Aviator

Liven-up your day with the free Angry Birds Watch Face where you can choose a range of vivid styles and colors to your liking. You can download it here.

Source: Photos from Android Play Store and?Romain Jerome

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