Best Free Offline Android Games: Hovercraft, Dragon Hills, And More Titles You Haven?t Played Yet On Your Mobile Device

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Trying to find the best free offline android games is difficult. There are thousands of free android games on the Google Play Store but only a handful of titles are worth downloading and most of them require an internet connection to play. Some people resort to looking at the most downloaded mobile games in hopes that they might luckily find a great mobile game, but not all popular titles are quality games. Below are the best free offline android games that you probably haven?t played yet.

Hovercraft ? Build Fly Retry

Hovercraft Build Fly Retry

?Hovercraft ? Build Fly Retry? is one of the most fulfilling games to play if you like playing racing games and customizing things. The racing aspect of ?Hovercraft? Build Fly Retry? is a decent experience. You drive endlessly on the road while avoiding other vehicles and collecting fuel so your hovercraft doesn?t run out of gas. What makes the game feel special is the uniqueness of each hovercraft where each vehicle you drive will feel different from one another. You also aren?t limited to the bevy of pre-existing in-game-money purchasable hovercrafts as you can create your own ones.

The game lets players each block?of your hovercraft and your design isn?t superficial as it also helps with the speed, balance, and endurance of your vehicle. Players will also need to determine where to effectively place the thrusters of their hovercraft. The game lives-up to its name ?Hovercraft?Build Fly Retry? as you?ll possibly make hundreds of hovercraft designs and test them out on the road if they work.

Aliens Drive Me Crazy

Aliens Drive Me Crazy

?Aliens Drive Me Crazy? is composed of two types of gameplay sequence. You start every mission riding your car where you must avoid enemy gunfire and spikes, and leap into the air to kill the aliens. Reaching the building at the end of the driving sequence will prompt an on-foot side-scroller gameplay where you must eliminate enemies with your firearms and rescue hostages.

Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon is one of the best and most fulfilling roguelike RPGs on mobile. The game is brutal and unpredictable, making each playthrough feel tense and satisfying. The game is truly free to play with no microtransactions?to hinder your enjoyment.

Dragon Hills

Dragon Hills

Dragon Hills is a fast-paced sidescroller where you control a princess riding her dragon in a quest for revenge against thieves who robbed her gold. In Dragon Hills, you will often burrow into the ground then leap into the air to wreak havoc among your enemies while avoiding arrows and cannons. Causing chaos feels enjoyable with the game?s fully destructible terrain and triggering a slow-mo whenever you destroy certain structures and bosses looks and feels cool.

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