Best Fallout 4 Weapons: How And Where To Find The Strongest Firearms In The Game

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Fighting against strong enemies such as Super Mutants and Deathclaws ?can be difficult if you aren?t equipped with the best weapons in Fallout 4. The wasteland has strong weapons that will suit your gaming preferences as you can find powerful pistols, rifles, and even a weapon from outerspace. Here?s our list of the best Fallout 4 weapons and where to find each one of them.

Best Fallout 4 Weapons: Deliverer

Want to use a 10mm pistol that is as strong or even more powerful than most rifles and shotguns in the game? The Deliverer is a silencer equipped 10mm pistol that is quite useful for easy one-hit sneak attack kills.

The Deliverer can be found by completing a quest for the Railroad faction. Once you finish their ?Tradecraft? quest, you?ll be rewarded with the Deliverer along with a new companion. You can check out where and how to find the Railroad faction at VG24/7.

Alien Blaster Pistol

Want a futuristic weapon from an alien? The Alien Blaster Pistol can be found by first seeing a crashed UFO, following a pool of green blood leading inside a cave, and killing the alien who possess the weapon. You can click here for a guide on how to obtain the weapon.

Overseer?s Guardian

Do you want a strong rifle that can kill most enemies in a single bullet? The Overseer?s Guardian is the right weapon for you as it offers versatility whether you want for you close, mid-range, or long range needs. The Overseer?s Guardian can be found inside Vault 81 being sold by a vendor. Vault 81 can be found southeast of Oberland Station or northwest of Diamond Station, US Gamer reported.


The Cryolator has a high damage output and can freeze enemies. You can find the Cyrolator inside Vault 111 near the Vault Overseer?s room. You?ll need a Master level to unlock the weapon?s case, but you can use an exploit to get the Cryolator easily.

Junk Jet

Do hoard a lot of junk but don?t use them for crafting anything in the game? Ever wanted to blow raider?s heads with a Teddy Bear? Then the Junk Jet is the right weapon for you as it requires junk items for ammo and you?ll even see the same items get spewed by the weapon. Take note that the rate of fire is rather slow and the damage output isn?t that high so you?ll probably just use it as an amusing way to kill raiders.

The Junk Jet can be found in the Arcjet Systems while doing the Call To Arms Quest for the Brotherhood of Steel. Make sure to grab the Junk Jet before using the elevator before exiting the area with Paladin Danse. To find Arcjet Systems, you ?can check our guide on where to find and how to join the Brotherhood of Steel.

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