Easy coding courses for kids aged 5 and up

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Coding will give your kids essential skills, such as basic problem-solving, logical thinking skills, and profound creativity.

  • CodeSpark (for ages 5-9) teaches practical skills in coding
  • Tynker (for ages 5-18) is based on interactive story-based learning

As kids grow up, it is important to impart practical and essential hard and soft skills that they can use when they grow up. One way that you can kickstart their learning journey is through short courses that can boost and upskill them while still having fun.

One suggested short course you can enroll your kids in is coding. Coding will give your kids essential skills, such as basic problem-solving, logical thinking skills, profound creativity, and so much more! If you’re looking for online courses that your kids can take part in, we recommend CodeSpark and Tynker.

Codespark: For Kids Aged 5 to 9 Years Old

CodeSpark is an online learning platform where kids aged 5 to 9 can learn practical skills in coding. CodeSpark’s modules are designed to be completely word-free and are based on an intensive research-backed curriculum from distinguished universities such as MIT and Princeton. The best part is: kids don’t need any experience to begin these online courses; even beginners can enjoy them!

Tynker: For Kids Aged 5 to 18 Years Old

For kids aged 5 to 18, Tynker has coding classes based on interactive story-based learning. Kids will get to learn the basics of coding through easy block-based coding challenges before moving on to more complicated text-based languages such as JavaScript and Python.

The Benefits of Coding Courses

  • Kids who learn coding at a young age will be able to get a headstart in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).
  • Kids will get a different perspective on how coding works.
  • Kids will learn skills that can be used in the practical world.
  • Since technology is very integrated into our everyday lives, kids who learn to program could improve their academic performances in math, writing, and creativity.
  • Coding can give children the soft skills that they need, such as confidence, focus, organization, and resilience to make them more ready for higher education.

Enroll your kids in these coding programs today and prepare them for their future careers. Despite being quite daunting and intimidating, these online courses are here to help coding be more digestible for kids!