Best Chromecast Apps To Maximize Your Smartphone-TV Streaming Relationship

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The best Chromecast apps to download

Just bought Google?s handy Chromecast streaming dongle? The right Chromecast app will let you make the most out of it. Check out our list!

The Chromecast dongle by tech megacompany Google enables you to ?cast? or stream content such as videos, photos, pictures and other media forms from your mobile device into your TV. With the new Android Device Mirroring feature we?ve told you before, the Chromecast device has become even more powerful. In order to tap into that techy Googlish power, there is always a Chromecast app out there to help you do the job. But don?t bother Googling it, we already took it to ourselves and provide you with this list of the best Chromecast apps out there to maximize that 199-inch flatscreen TV you have sitting on your living room. (Bonus info: these apps will work on both iOS and Android devices.)


Download: Android / iOS

Okay, so this app may not count since you can?t use the dongle without installing this on your smartphone or tablet. But it?s still worth mentioning so you?ll know that you actually need to download it first. With the Chromecast app, you can set up the dongle and your device to connect with your home?s Wi-Fi network. Aside from mobile devices, there?s also a Chromecast app for the desktop and laptop so you can also stream media from those machines to your television.


Download: Android / iOS

Though popular online TV series and movie streaming service Netflix has yet to launch their own hardware, it?s still determined to bring their movie subscription plans to almost all platforms known to man — and the Chromecast is not spared. They have their own Chromecast app which can work on both iOS and Android. The app allows users to access controls like adjusting volume, displaying subtitles, and scrubbing back and forth, all of those while the video is being casted.

Pocket Casts

Download: Android / iOS

This Chromecast app lets users stream their favorite podcasts to their TVs. It has a neat interface and a handful of great features that will satisfy diehard podcast listeners. Pocket Casts can stream both audio and video podcasts. There?s also an intuitive playlist feature that lets you sort and categorize all downloaded content.


Download: Android / iOS

Photowall is terrific Chromecast app to use for parties, social gatherings, and even meetings. The app lets anyone nearby to upload and display photos directly to the Chromecast-connected TV. Users can do this by logging in to their Google accounts and connecting it to the Chromecast owner (with permission). Afterwards, they can all upload and doodle on the photos displayed on the TV screen.


Download: Android / iOS

Songza is a really, really awesome online music streaming app. So awesome that Google bought it! The mobile app is beloved for its innate ability to ask users what mood or activity they are currently involved in. After that, the app suggests tailor-made playlists that you can play. Sounds familiar? Yes, Songza is a Spotify competitor. But while the latter is still mum about supporting Chromecast, Songza understandably takes the lead by?integrating Chromecast support to its mobile app. By doing that, Songza fans can now level up their music by streaming it to a larger and more capable entertainment system — the TV.


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