Best Chrome Apps/AddOn for Your PC’s Browser or Chrome OS

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Chrome Apps
Chrome Apps

Google?s Chrome browser is probably one of the best, if not the best, browser to ever grace the internet. The same may not be on Chrome OS?s feel, but they have their specific functions for particular owners.? What makes Google Chrome stand out from the competition is because of its rich host of various applications. Firefox comes close to this, but Chrome is way faster and more stable, so most people consider Chrome instead. Here are some Chrome apps that are worth getting to make your Chrome experience much more fantastic.


This is one of the most useful apps for Chrome. Caret is not your ordinary text editor. If you are familiar with the standalone text editing software called ?Notepad++?, Caret does exactly the same. It is integrated into your favorite browser. If you aren?t aware what Notepad++ is, it is a powerful text editor that has all the features of a normal wordpad or notepad app, plus color-coded tags for certain tags, depending on which programming language reference you have set per-file. This is very handy for programmers and devs.

Pixlr Touch Up

A photo retouching addon on Chrome? Yes, and the guys from Pixlr made a port for Chrome. It does all the basic photo editing tools do, like resizing, cropping, rotating and adding some color effects. It?s no Photoshop, and it gets the job done. Plus, it is integrated into your browser, so what?s not to love about it?

Until AM

This turns your desktop or Chromebook into a portable virtual DJ turntable. You can use any music you have in your collection as well as other music you can find on Soundcloud. You just drag the music on the app and do the ?scratchin? and party ?until it is ?AM?.

iMacros for Chrome

If you aren?t familiar about what Macro software does, they simply automate your actions on the computer. You record them and then all the repetitive work is taken care of by the macro program. This is what iMacros for Chrome does exactly. You can use it to record a specific amount of keystrokes, mouse gestures and clicks in order. You can use this to automate repetitive and boring tasks. Just don?t let? your boss? find out about this thing or you might be at risk of being an unemployed person. Just kidding.

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