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Best Legendary Items for Anti-Elite Tanks and DPS on Diablo 3 RoS

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One of my main problems with playing a monk in Diablo 3 RoS 2.0 is that I can?t quite be a tank or a DPS dealer. All that changed when I acquired the end-game gear I wanted. This made me happy, of course, but sad at the same time since monks really have it bad overall.

Still, my Diablo 3 RoS struggles have taught me about good gear and the direction I really wanted to take for my monk. While I can?t say that my build is the best for hunting elites, I could say that the gear I?ve decided on has the best impact against elites?at least for their affixes and specialized damage.

So if you plan on seeing your numbers jump with blues and yellows and not getting hit by floor effects, here are my suggestions for the best gear for anti-elite tanks and DPS:

Blackthorne’s Battlegear (Amulet, Chest, Belt, Pants, Boots)

o?? (2) Set:+10% Damage to Elites

o?? (3) Set:+25% Extra Gold from Monsters

o?? (4) Set: You are immune to Desecrator, Molten, and Plagued monster ground effects.

Stone of Jordan (Ring): Increased Damage against Elites 25%-30%

Sun Keeper (1H Mace): +15-30% Damage to Elites (DtE)

Empyrean Messenger (1H Spear): +5-8% DtE

Blood Magic Blade (1H Dagger): +4-7% DtE

Ruinstroke (1H Wand): +4-7% DtE

Sydyru Crust (2H Bow): +9-10% DtE

Venomhusk (2H Bow): +8-10% DtE

Halycon Amulet : 10-15%DtE

Countess Julia?s Cameo: Prevent all Arcane damage taken and heal yourself for 20?25% of the amount prevented.

Ice Climbers (Boots): Gain?immunity to Freeze?and Immobilize effects.

Now, while a Flawless Royal diamond in Diablo 3 RoS in a weapon can add up to 20% DtE, I think it?s always better to put the highest Emerald you have as it adds 130% Critical Hit Damage. This boosts your damage more overall instead of the small 20% DtE the gem does.

Keep in mind that the increased DtE only works in Diablo 3 RoS if you have high damage to start with. So for DPS characters, it might be better to have a mix of gear or at least the trifecta or quadfecta with most of your gear, then the DtE thrown in.

But my goal for my monk was to tank the Elites with my Cyclone skill, meaning I wanted to draw all the elites and do decent damage against them while being able to take all the floor effects and elite affixes they can stack. I couldn?t get the Toughness numbers a Barbarian can so I just went for damage cancellation. Another important tactic is that the Frozen Pulse from the harder elites don?t damage you and you aren?t caught like sitting ducks when you?re Frozen.

But I think primarily optimizing for DtE and Reduced Damage from Elites is a wrong move since it leaves open too many holes for mobs and may make you an ineffective DPS. Unless you?re in a party, avoid the pure Anti-Elite build and still seek to raise your DPS and Toughness before the Anti-Elite stats. This means that you can use some of the gear I mentioned based on what you have. Think about your skills and elemental affixes as well as these are also great damage modifiers.

What do you think of my gear choices for Diablo 3 RoS Anti-Elite builds? Drop me a comment and let?s discuss!

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