Best Android Scanner Apps With OCR To Digitize Everything

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A scanner app to convert images to text, anyone?

Back in the primitive days of the early 2000s, people share documents and notes by photocopying them or worse, rewriting them. ?Techier? but equally lazy people copy them using scanners. ?They may have been the ancestors of today?s modern people who utilize the amazing functionalities of an Android scanner app.

Android has allowed us to do a lot of tasks using our mobile devices. Thankfully, document storage and scanning is not spared. Ideally, a scanner app can save workers and students precious time by lessening the burden of copying and storing documents. With the tech innovation called OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, the task is made even more possible. OCR involves the process of converting text displayed in images to machine readable text. Read on and check out our roundup of the best scanner apps with OCR on Android.


CamScanner is one of most popular and most downloaded scanner app on Google Play, and it rightfully deserves so. This app offers multi-purpose functionalities including image editing, image sharing, PDF conversion, and of course, an OCR package. It lets your device?s camera scan and digitize everything from notes, receipts, whiteboard lectures, invoices, certificates and business cards. This Android scanner app automatically detects the document?s edges and lets you adjust accordingly. The OCR feature can identify all text embedded on the image, even those that are handwritten.

Mobile OCR

Mobile OCR can turn your smartphone or tablet into a document scanner by using the camera to capture documents or scan those that are already present in your device?s image gallery. This scanner app has a straightforward interface and can supports more than two dozen languages. It?s latest update given out earlier this year fixes the bug that makes the app crash when the camera is rotated.


Evernote is probably the most widely-used note-taking app out there and among its multitude of features is an excellent document scanning capability. The popular note-taker can also double as a scanner app by using its ?Document Camera? to capture images of documents and store it to the user?s account. By doing this, the digitized document will then be available to all devices connected to that Evernote account. The app?s OCR feature will recognize text written in the image and allows it to be searchable.

Google Drive

This one comes with no surprise; Google has made it a point to have an application ready whenever new niches arise ? the mobile document scanning turf will never go untouched. ?Apparently, Google Drive is also a scanner app. Not only that, it also comes equipped with OCR. ?Users can use it by firing up the Google Drive up and tapping the ?Scan? button on the bottom right portion of the screen. However, after the document is captured, the only option users have is to save it. But the OCR feature will detect all texts in the image and convert it to a searchable PDF file.


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