Best Android & iOS Apps For Depression: How To Move On From Zayn & His One Direction Exit

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Life goes on even if Zayn Malik left 1D. Get your act together and check out these apps for moving past your grief quickly.

Zayn Malik leaving One Direction triggered a huge explosion of sadness and depression among the pop music world. Seriously, all of our social media feeds filled with posts about Zayn?s departure from the band–this has obviously become a global issue.

1D fans from around the world (read: teen girls) flooded?the Internet in an arguably more significant level than when Kim Kardashian exposed her butt for a magazine last year. If there?s one thing we can say for One Direction fans, who endearing call themselves ?Directioners,? it is that they?re a very creative bunch. When news about Zayn and his 1D exit came out, the Twitterverse proverbially exploded with tons of memes, ?sobbies? (i.e crying selfies), and sad hashtags like #ByeZayn & #AlwaysInOurHeartsZayn. News site USA Today even posted this hilarious and heartbreaking article (depends on the level of devotion to 1D) about the 5 stages of grief that every Zayn Malik fan is going through in this trying time.

However, just like any other global tragedy, this situation will ease up in time and people will learn to how to cope and heal. We?d like to offer our sympathy to all grieving Directioners and present this short list of the best Android and iOS to use when dealing with depression and anxiety. If you?re currently devastated about Mr. Malik?s decision to become just a ?normal 22 year-old,? check out these apps and see which one of them can at least numb the pain of his departure.

Relax Melodies

Download here: Android / iOS

Being anxious and depressed can disrupt healthy sleep patterns in more ways than one. First, if you don?t get enough sleep you tend to feel more disgruntled and less productive. Then, you become more apprehensive, have a difficult time sleeping, not to mention nightmares featuring Zayn?s lovely face. Creating a calming environment may help you fall asleep and stay asleep. This app will help you relax by letting you listen to its dozens of calming sounds. Need the music to stop once you?re asleep? Set a timer, and it will stop playing.


Download here: Android / iOS

It?s a known fact that our breathing has a profound effect on our body. You will know that this is true every time you take deep breaths to calm yourself down when you?re upset. ?Breathe2Relax uses guided breathing exercises to help diminish the symptoms of an anxiety attack. If you feel that an attack is imminent or the symptoms start to become unbearable, slip away into a quiet room, open your app, and let the worry and stress slip away with each breath.

Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

Download here: Android

This one is for the intellectual Zayn Malik fan. If you download Depression CBT Self-Help Guide and start using it, it?ll tell you that stress is rooted from many different sources and can contribute to depression. With the help of this app, you can manage your stress by allowing you to understand the causes of depression, It offers self-help behaviors you can adopt to reduce symptoms. One major bonus is that you read articles about cognitive behavioral therapy and listen to audio tracks that help you meditate and relax right from within the app.

Positive Thinking

Download here: Android / iOS

There are times that a simple, uplifting quote or inspirational message is enough to brighten your day or improve your outlook. If you?re out searching for encouraging thoughts on happiness or love, you can easily search from within this app for just the right message. The Positive Thinking app packs a wide range of inspirational quotes and happy thoughts, all presented in an appealing, user-friendly interface.


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