Best Android Browser Apps: Firefox, Chrome, Dolphin and More!

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A short list of the best Android browser apps to download

One of the most common activities we do with our Android devices and, well, all other mobile devices, is browsing the internet. Every day, surfing the net on our Android devices gets better and better as lots of new apps are launched and updates to the existing ones are released. As such, it may be hard to find the few ones who can really deliver. To guide you on your journey of finding the greatest Android browser apps out there, here is a short list to give you a heads-up.

Firefox Browser for Android

This app has been downloaded on the Android platform over 50 million times as of this writing. It continues to grow as Mozilla constantly provides updates to the mobile version of the popular web browser. This Android browser lets you use tons of Add-Ons to enhance your browsing experience. It also has handy features like ad blocker, password manager, HTML 5 support, Firefox Desktop support, Awesome Bar, and many more.

Chrome Browser – Google

Since Chrome is made by Google and Android is brought to us by Google, therefore, Chrome Browser is the best browser app for Android, correct? Well, let?s not stereotype, most of the time there are good and bad sides to everything. To begin with, this Android browser is one of the most popular out there. Its desktop version is even more popular, there?s no denying that. Chrome Browser somehow deserves its fame; it is capable of accessing web pages swiftly; users can sync all their bookmarks from the desktop client to their mobile version and vice versa; password-syncing and auto-fill is supported too. However, the mobile Chrome Browser does not support Flash videos and it?s only compatible to devices running on Android versions 4.0 and up.

Opera Browser for Android

This Android browser is also one of the most downloaded in its category. The Opera browser for Android lets you browse without leaving traces with its privacy features. For people who have slow or intermittent internet, this browser is the right app to download as it has an Off-Road feature to address wonky connections. Its Speed Dial features allows you to go to your favorite sites with just one click and its Download Manager lets you download ?music, videos, and other files from the net without the need for a third-party app.

UC Browser for Android

If you?re one of those people who hate everything mainstream, the UC Browser is for you. Perhaps that?s not right, as this app has enjoyed more than 10 million downloads so far, but it?s a pretty good alternative. It?s main difference from other apps lie in its interface. The main menu can be accessed from the bottom of the screen and it lets you swipe horizontally to navigate through its ?General,? ?Tools,? and ?Preferences? options. Its own download manager can continue downloading files even if there are connection interruptions.

Dolphin Browser for Android

This Android browser also has tens of millions of downloads under its belt. It is said to be one of the fastest and most reliable mobile browsers available. Some of its most talked about features includes Gestures, Sonar, and One-Tap Share that allows you to easily share links to your different social media accounts. Dolphin Browser for Android also supports syncing of browsing history, bookmarks, pass codes and open tabs to your desktop browsers like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, provided that you installed a Dolphin extension beforehand.


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